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Quest system

Tasks in Escape from Tarkov.
Tasks (Quests) is a list of jobs that are given to you by traders. They provide the possibility of faster character progression. By completing tasks, players usually receive in-game experience, money, items, and also improves the Loyalty Level, which gives access to new levels of the trader's item range. Completing some quests unlocks the ability to buy previously unavailable items from traders.

Types of tasks.
There are two types of tasks: static and temporary. Temporary tasks have a time limit, while static tasks have no time limits. Temporary tasks can be either daily or weekly. Conditions and rewards for temporary tasks are generated automatically.

Acquiring tasks.
In order to take a task, you need to go to the trader's menu, click the Tasks tab in the upper left and select an available task. After selecting, you need to accept the task by clicking the Accept button at the top of the screen. For convenience, traders who are ready to give you a task are marked with a green icon in the upper right corner of their portrait.

Temporary tasks exist for both the main character (PMC) and the secondary character (Scav). Temporary tasks for the main character (PMC) can be given by any trader except Fence. Daily tasks are available from level 5 of the main character (PMC), weekly tasks - from level 15. For a secondary character (Scav), they can be obtained after installing the Intelligence Center module in your Hideout.

If the conditions for completing a temporary task look too complicated or simply don't suit you, the task can be replaced by clicking the Replace button at the top of the screen. This service costs money and can reduce loyalty with the trader. After the replacement, you will be offered a new task. The fee for each subsequent replacement will increase.

Completing tasks.
Most static tasks must be completed while playing as the main character (PMC). Tasks may require you to find items marked as ‘Found in raid’. Items found in a raid have a check mark in the lower right corner of the inventory icon. Items with this mark can be found in an online raid, obtained as a reward for a completed task or by creating an item in the Hideout.

Tasks that have a condition to bring an item marked ‘Found in raid’ can also be completed as a secondary character (Scav). If these items can be produced in the Hideout, they are also suitable for completing such tasks.

Handing over task-required items.
To transfer items for a quest, go to the Tasks tab of the trader, select the needed task and click the 'Turn in' button in the list of objectives. A window will open with a selection of items to transfer. In it, you need to select the items you want to transfer. There are tasks where you need to transfer container items (like backpacks). They must be emptied beforehand.

Completing tasks and getting rewards.
After completing all of the objectives, the option to complete the quest becomes available. To do this, go to the trader's menu, select the Tasks tab, select the completed quest and click the Complete button at the top center of the screen. For convenience, traders have a blue check mark on their portrait if they have tasks that can be completed. For completed quests, the task's objective window is recolored blue. Note that if you have fulfilled all the objectives in a temporary task, but have not completed it, and the task timer runs out, that task will be considered failed.

After completing the task, you need to receive your reward. If your reward is experience, unlocked item from a trader, or a loyalty level, these are applied immediately. If your reward is items, you will receive them through in-game messages. They are located in the Messages tab at the bottom right. To receive a reward, you need to select the appropriate trader in the left column and click on the Receive button in the dialogue with that trader. Please note that if you don't collect the reward in a certain amount of time, it will be lost. To the left of the Receive button there is a timer that shows how long the reward will be available. The Receive All button allows you to collect all rewards at once (if you have completed several tasks from one trader at once) and all 
insured items that have been returned to you.

After you click Receive or Receive All, the item transfer window opens, with all the items you earned on the left and your inventory on the right. Move the earned items into your inventory by dragging them with your mouse or by clicking the Receive All button. To complete the transfer, click the Accept button. If you don't want to or can't take an item, you can keep it and collect it later.

List of active tasks.
You can view the list of active tasks by either going to the Tasks tab of the trader, or to the same tab in the character window. In a raid, only the second method is available.

Access to new tasks.
New static tasks unlock as the conditions of the task availability are fulfilled. Conditions may include character level, attitude with the trader, and the completion of a different quest.

Task game mechanics:

Unique items and quest inventory
Unique task items are items that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. These items appear on the location only for the player with the task. Each player with a task in the location can get one such item.  When you pick up such an item, it goes into the special "quest" inventory, which is located in the Tasks tab of the character window. When a character dies, the item is deleted and you have to find it again. When you are out of a raid, you can put these items in the "quest" stash, also in the Tasks tab. This will save the items even after the character's death in the raid.

Failing tasks
It is possible to fail any task if the conditions for failure exist. Temporary tasks are considered failed if the time to complete the task has expired. For static tasks, failure conditions may be different. For example, killing a certain character in a location or completing one trader's task will cause you to fail the task of another trader.

Specified equipment tasks
There are tasks that require a character to wear certain equipment. In such tasks, the required equipment is written either in the objectives or in the task description.

Tasks with stashing items or repairing objects
In such tasks, the player must have the required item (for example, a toolset to repair the panels at the Factory location), come to the specified place and fulfill the task by holding down the Use button until the timer expires. These items can be both unique (which appear only while having this task) and ordinary items.

“Mark an object” tasks

To fulfill such tasks, the player needs to find an object and mark it with a certain device. Most often you'll have to use an MS2000 signal marker for this purpose. For convenience, these items can be placed in special slots in the character's inventory. This will allow you not to lose them when your character dies.

In order to mark an object, you need to get close to it and press the Use key. Then you need to hold the position until the timer runs out. The timer will be shown at the bottom of the screen. When the timer ends, the objective is considered completed.

Weapon assembly tasks

The goal of these tasks is to give the trader an assembled weapon that matches the required parameters. The required parameters are specified in the task description.

The main thing in such tasks is to read carefully. In addition to the required parameters, the weapon itself must be in good technical condition. The trader will not accept a worn-out weapon, even if it fits the conditions of the task. If you have assembled the weapon correctly, a special checkmark will appear on it and you can hand it over to the trader.

Known issues:

Error 704 - Quest is unavailable
This error means that for some reason the task is unavailable for you. Unfortunately, sometimes such tasks are displayed as available for taking, but when you try to take them, you get a 704 error and the task disappears from the list of available tasks, as it should have been.

Item/trader hasn’t unlocked after task completion.
If you have completed a task that unlocks an item for purchase as a reward, but it does not appear at the trader, follow these steps:

- Make sure you have a high enough trader Loyalty Level (LL) to purchase the item. You can find out the required LL by hovering your mouse over the reward in the list of completed tasks.

- Wait for the trader to refresh the item inventory. Items may have already been purchased by other players.

- Restart the game.

If a trader (such as Jaeger) hasn't unlocked after completing a task, try restarting the game as well.

If the steps above did not help, please contact support by sending a bug report via the Launcher.