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Control tips

This article contains more than basic information about game controls. Some controls are not shown or explained in the game, but can be really handy. This article contains tips for default keyboard and mouse binds. To access keybinds go to the in-game “Settings” and click the “Controls” section. To assign a key, you need to click on one of the “KEY” columns with either “Not Set” or assigned key. To assign a key to an action, click the section that says not set once, after clicking it will say “Press any key”. Whichever key you press except the “ESC” key, will be assigned to that action. You can assign an alternative key for an action, setting a key in a next column. The key assignment process is the same as reassigning a key. If you want to assign two different keys, hold down whichever key you want to assign first and then press the second key. You can also set the press type of the keys you assign. "Unavailable" is displayed for press types that cannot be changed. To see if you can change press type, you need to assign a key to the action. There are four options available for press type: “Release”, “Continuous”, “Press”, and “Double click”. When you set it to “Release”, the action activates as soon as the key is released. When you set it to “Continuous”, you have to hold down the key. When you set it to “Press”, you only need to press the key. When you set it to “Double click”, you have to press the key twice quickly.

Basic Movement and Controls

You can turn your head left and right without making noise by pressing the “Mouse Wheel”. To do that, hold the “Mouse Wheel” pressed while doing this movement. This feature does not work while aiming down the sights. Escape from Tarkov gun customization allows you to install several sights and scopes to your gun, you can switch between them. To switch between sights use the “RMB” + “LCtrl” keybind and if any sights are installed on the weapon, then iron sights are not used. If you want to adjust the scope zoom, the sight reticle or turn on sight’s laser pointer, use “RMB” + “LAlt” keybind.

Your character can get an "Overweight" status, followed by speed and stamina debuffs, if you take too many items with you. You can quickly drop your backpack on the ground by double-pressing the “Z” key, to get rid of debuffs to fight more effectively. The player body height can be changed smoothly using the “Mouse Wheel Scroll'' + “C”, choosing between 7 crouch positions. Pressing key "C" will crouch your character at the lowest position by default or last crouch position you've used. Key "C" also allows you to quickly change your position to standing. You can choose the speed of the character's movement (and that will change the amount of noise your character makes while walking) either by "Mouse Wheel" or "Caps lock". The "Caps lock" instantly switches to the slowest speed and back, while "Mouse Scroll + and -" allows you to choose the speed.

For checking the map exits and time left in the raid, use the "O" key. Single press of "O" key shows the time left and double pressing shows time and list of available or possible exits. 

Weapon and Mods Controls
To turn on or off your tactical weapon's devices, use the "T" key. To switch different modes of combined tactical devices use "T" + "LCtrl" keys.

Pressing the “L” key examines the weapon you are holding in your hands, which provides information about ammo loaded in the gun. Some weapons have foldable stocks, which affects the size of weapons in inventory and weapon handling while in hand. To fold or unfold the stock press "L" + "Alt" keys. Some weapon mods can block the ability to fold a stock for some weapon models. Your weapon can malfunction due to poor gun condition, ammo, and overheating. To fix a gun malfunction you need to use the "L" key to examine the malfunction, then press "T" + "LShift" keys to fix that malfunction. To reload your gun with a new magazine use the "R" key. The magazines should be placed in pockets or tactical rigs for reload to happen. You can reload faster by pressing the "R" key twice, but your character will drop the magazine from the gun on the ground. You can pick a specific magazine to load by holding the "R" key and scrolling with the mouse wheel. To check the amount of ammo and it’s type in the currently loaded magazine press "T" + "LAlt" keys. To remove the magazine from the gun (only for magazine fed guns) without reloading press "R" + "LAlt". To lower your helmet's tactical device or face shield use "N" key.

Some weapons have multiple fire modes. To check the current weapon's fire mode, press "B" + "Alt" keys. To change the fire mode, press "B". To check the chamber use "Shift" + "T" keys, to know which bullet is loaded in the chamber. To unload the bullet from the chamber, use "R" + "Ctrl" keys. If your gun has an attached magazine with bullets attached, the chamber unloading will load the next round from the magazine into the chamber. The game has a zeroing mechanic for long range combat and sniping. To adjust your scope for needed distance, aim your gun and press "PgUp'' or "PgDn" keys to either increase or decrease zeroing distance.

Combat Controls
If you need to fire your weapon from cover, without exposing yourself, you may use blind fire by pressing “W” + “LAlt” for blind fire from the top of the cover or “S” + “LAlt” to fire from the right side of cover.

Your character can lean out of cover, to expose only part of the body. To lean quickly use keys “Q” or “E”. You may lay on the side, use “Q” or “E” + “Alt” keys while in a prone position.

You can use quick side-step from the cover for your tactical maneuvers by pressing “E” + “LAlt” or “Q” + “LAlt” keys.


Inventory and Stash Management
You can quickly organize your inventory or stash. You can quickly move the items to your inventory by hovering the mouse over the item you want to get and pressing “LMB” + “LCtrl”. To quickly equip an item to your character press the “LMB” + “LAlt” keys and the item will be equipped to the free slot corresponding to this item.

To help organize your loot in the stash you can use an auto-sorting function or sorting table. The auto-sorting icon is located at bottom of the stash.

The “Sorting table” opens a new inventory grid, for temporary placement of items. The grid is automatically resized, when you put more items in. Closing the “Sorting table” will put the items from it to your stash empty slots. To rotate items, use the “R” key when you drag the item. When you first enter the game, the items in the raid and the traders are unexamined and you need to examine them. Unexamined weapons, ammo, weapon mods and equipment can’t be used or equipped. To examine an item, you need to hover over the item and press the “Mouse wheel” or you can use “Examine” option in the context menu of an item (“RMB” Key).


Console Controls
Console can be turned on or off by the “~” key. You may use some console commands to have additional information of game client performance during raid.
Commands “Fps 1”, “Fps 2”, “Fps 3” show you different data on game client performance, from current FPS to time used for a single frame. To turn it off type “Fps 0”.