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Forum account block

The Escape from Tarkov project has an official forum used for various discussions and suggestions regarding the project.
In addition, various contests are held on the forum, including giveaways of access keys to the Escape from Tarkov project. The forum is available in read mode for any user who has visited it. To use the full functionality of the Forum, which includes the ability to leave messages and create topics, you must register on the Forum or log in using the Login and password from your Escape from Tarkov account.

You can visit the forum by clicking the link or by clicking on the button on the Official website of Escape from Tarkov.

Blocking and other restrictive measures of the Forum are applied in accordance with the rules of the Forum. If, when trying to authorize, you see that your account has been blocked, but you are sure that you did not violate the rules of the Forum, you need to clear the cache and cookies of your browser, and then try to authorize again. If you wish to dispute access restrictions, you can contact the Forum Administration or Escape from Tarkov Support.

If you encounter Error 403 while trying to enter the official Escape from Tarkov Forum, please read this article.