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Pre-order upgrade

Escape From Tarkov project has several pre-order editions, which differ from each other by sets of starting in-game items. In addition, such as in the case of Edge Of Darkness Limited Edition, access to co-op mode and free access to all subsequent DLC, such  as Escape From Tarkov: ARENA. When you improve the pre-order version, all current progress on your account will be saved. Escape From Tarkov has purchase regions. These regions allow you to buy the project at a local price, but also impose restrictions on where you can launch the game from.


CIS - defined by purchase in the CIS countries and allows you to run the game only from these countries.

"Other (U.S.)" - is defined by purchase outside the CIS and Europe and allows you to run the game everywhere except Europe.

European - determined either by purchasing from Europe or upgrading to the European package and allows you to run the game from anywhere in the world.

Extended information about pre-orded regions.

If you upgrade the pre-order version, the price will be the difference between the current edition and the extended version, to buy the upgrade or change the region of the current version to the European version, you need:

  1. Visit the official Escape From Tarkov website
  2. Login by pressing login button in top right corner

  3. Go to pre-order page by clicking the related button

  4. Pick the package that you are interested in and click  “Upgrade”

  5. In order to change the purchase region to Europe, you will need to find the current pre-order version and click the related button:


Pay attention that when upgrading the pre-order version you will receive only the difference between the versions.

If you received an Edge of Darkness Limited Edition gift key when you have the Standard Edition on your account, activating this key will change your edition to Edge of Darkness Limited Edition and you will also receive the difference between the editions in the form of in-game items.

This system also applies to all other editions and regions that have been activated with a gift key when you already had a Standard Edition.

If you already had an active Edge of Darkness Limited Edition and activated the Standard Edition gift key, you need to contact Escape From Tarkov tech support on the official page.

So, for example, if you have a pre-order of Escape From Tarkov Standard Edition and decide to upgrade to Escape From Tarkov Edge of Darkness Limited Edition, you will receive the following items:

  1. Increased in-game inventory, which will be 10x68 cells.
  2. Initially increased reputation with all merchants in the game.
  1. Unique identifier in the game.
  1. Free access to all subsequent DLC (season pass), such as Escape From Tarkov: ARENA.
  1. Unique secure container (3x3 cells)
  1. The difference between the entire list of in-game starter items listed in the contents of these editions. 

Also, there is a list of items that do not fall into this category, such as 500,000 rubles. They are included in every Escape From Tarkov edition and will not be given out additionally when improving the pre-order version.