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Health system


Your character has a total of 440 health points. You can find the details about your health status in the “Health” tab while in your stash or in raid. 

Your health points are separated between body parts, each having its own health bar and status. If one of your body parts were injured, you can heal it with a basic medkit (AI-2, IFAK, etc.). Once a body part reaches 0 points in a raid, it remains “blacked out” only within the raid. A blacked out body part has several consequences that you can see below depending on the part impacted. The only way to heal it is to use a surgery kit (see below). If damage is taken to a body part that reached 0, the damage is distributed to other parts of the body at different multiplications. 

The character has two vital body parts: Head and Thorax. When a vital part reaches 0 health points and takes more damage, the character will die. For example, if the character sustains 36 damages to the head due to a bullet, the character will die. The only exception being bleedings. If the Thorax reaches 0 and a bleeding is still causing health losses, the character will not die.
When they reach 0 health points, the vital parts can not be healed using a surgery kit, unlike the limbs.


Head: 35 HP
Thorax: 85 HP
Stomach: 70 HP - Reaching 0 HP in this part will cause fast dehydration and starvation of the character.
Right/Left arm: 60 HP - If the arm has a fracture or is at 0 HP, the character will struggle to use their weapon, it will cause slower aiming, slower weapon change, slower reloading, and tremor effects.
Right/Left leg: 65 HP - If the leg has a fracture or is at 0 HP, the character will move significantly slower and limp.



When reaching 0 HP, a part can no longer be healed with standard medicine. A surgery kit is needed to heal the part of the body in a raid (CMS or Surv12). Vital body parts (head and thorax) that reached 0 HP can not be healed in a raid. When healing with a surgery kit in raid, the part of the body will regain 1 health point, meaning that the bleedings must first be healed before applying the surgery kit, otherwise, the regained health point will be lost, and the part will be blacked out again. 

The only way to heal a blacked out body part without a surgery kit is to extract from the raid. Upon returning to the menu, the parts will automatically recover to at least 1 health point. 

When the medicine is in the inventory, you can right click and press “USE” to use it. 

If you decide to press “USE”, it will automatically go to the body part that has the priority. It will prioritize body parts with the most serious injuries, for example, heavy bleedings. In your stash, you can also use the “HEAL ALL” button which will heal every injury of the character that the medicine is capable of healing.

You can also drag a medicine onto a specific body part you want to heal. 

You can also put items in the quick access bar at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to use the medkit simply by pressing the key it is bound to (in this case, “4”). 

To do so, you can either hover your mouse over the medkit and press “4” which will add it to the bar, or drag it to the bar directly.



During raids, the character can sustain various types of injuries. They can all be healed using specific medicines. The icon of the injury goes next to the body part that is impacted by the injury.

While in the raid, when taking damage, the health status is shown at the top left of the screen.

You can manage the way the overlay is displayed in the game settings, like the available color options.

Below, you will see the different types of injuries with their icons.


 Light bleeding - Causes a slow loss of health points to all the body parts until the bleeding is stopped by using a medicine. All parts of the body can be impacted, and the more bleeding effects the character has, the more intense the bleeding will be. 

 Heavy bleeding - The character leaves blood traces on the ground and it causes a high loss of health to all body parts until stopped by a medicine. Not every medkit capable of stopping a light bleeding is capable of stopping a heavy bleeding. 

 Fresh Wound - Happen as a consequence of healing a heavy bleeding wound. Fresh wounds can cause bleedings again if the character takes damage or sprints for a long time. This status is removed automatically after some time. 

 Fracture - fractures have negative effects on the limb they impact. If a leg is impacted, the character will limp. If it impacts an arm, holding the weapon and aiming will become more complicated, the arms will shake and the speed to aim down sights will be reduced. 

 Stun - Caused by flash grenades or rounds, it removes the ability to hear sounds and also causes a loud ringing. It fades away over time.

 Pain - Comes as a result of various injuries, the vision of the character becomes blurry. 

 Tremor - This effect comes as a result of untreated pain, fractures or blacked out body parts, it causes the vision to become blurry and hands to start shaking.

 Overweight - When the character carries more weight than he is capable of by his skills, the overweight status will appear. The more weight the character carries, the more intense the effects will be. As a result, stamina will decrease faster, the character will make more noise, fall damage will be increased, and walking will consume stamina. 

 Tunnel Vision - Visual effect on the screen causing a tunnel vision, the edges of the screen will become increasingly black. It can be caused by the use of an injector for example.

 Contusion - Caused by impacts such as a bullet hitting a helmet or a grenade exploding near the character, it muffles the sound around the character and causes a ringing noise.

 Flash - Caused by a flash grenade, leading to distorted or black vision. 

 Poisoning - Causes a high amount of health loss to all body parts until treated by a specific medicine. 

 Dehydration - Happens when the character reaches 0 in hydration. At this stage, the character’s vision will start to be blurry, the stamina will be reduced and the health of all limbs will slowly drop. 

 Hard Fatigue - Happens when the character reaches 0 in energy. Energy can be regained by eating. At this stage, the character will lose health every 2 seconds, he will suffer from tunnel vision and the stamina will recover very slowly. 

 Fatigue - Actions are 20% slower



To heal these injuries, there are different medicines in the game, each with a purpose. 

At the bottom of your screen, while in the main menu, you can open your handbook. It contains all the items you have inspected so far. Keep in mind that as you progress, you will inspect more items and as such, the handbook will become more complete. 

You can open this handbook and under the “Medication” category, you can find all the medicine you have discovered so far. From there, clicking on one will show you exactly its purpose, in this case, the CAT Tourniquet, stops heavy bleedings only. 

You can also find medkits like Grizzly that are capable of treating multiple kinds of injuries like healing fractures, light bleedings, heavy bleedings, and more.

When in the inventory, you can also see the resource points of the item, like in the image below. In this case, it has 356 points out of 400. Each action takes a determined amount of points, for example, healing a heavy bleeding with this item takes 175 resource points.



In the health tab and in various item descriptions, you can find effects that are not currently in the game like the following: 

  • Character temperature
  • Biohazard
  • Radiation
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hallucination

They can not be obtained and do not affect the players currently, their release is planned in future updates. Until then, they can be ignored.