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Constantly getting disconnected from game servers, what to do?

The game server in this article is the server that the player connects to when entering the raid. The article may not fully apply to other servers involved in the Escape from Tarkov project.

Escape from Tarkov has high requirements for the quality of the Internet connection due to its dynamics.

Disconnection from the game server can occur for reasons that make it impossible to synchronize the game servers and the game client due to a large loss of network packets or a large delay between them.

There can be many reasons for this problem, and most often the disconnection occurs due to a connection to a non-optimal server selected by the player in the launcher. We recommend using automatic server selection in the launcher or selecting multiple servers with the fastest response time.

Sometimes the problem can only occur when you're playing in a group, and be absent in solo raids: a feature of Escape from Tarkov is a shared lobby for all players which allows players from different regions to play together. The game server for a group of players is determined by the leader of the group - the optimal free server is selected from the list that the leader of the group selected in the launcher. This server will be optimal for the leader of the group, but may have an excessive response time for other players who are farther away geographically. For example, an attempt to enter a group raid of players from Moscow and Australia has little chance of success: it will be very difficult to find a server that is equally good for both players, and one of them may experience disconnection from the server in the raid.

For solo raids, determine the servers that are most suitable for you. Set all players in the group to have an identical set of servers in the launcher - in this case, you will have a predictable response time from the servers used in the raid, regardless of who becomes the leader of the group.

If you have issues with disconnecting from game servers, check the following list step by step:

  1. Check the game news channels and messages in the launcher - there may be maintenance work on the game servers. In such cases, the raid time may be reduced, or the servers will be completely shut down and the players will be disconnected from the servers - this is not a problem and is intentional.
  2. Check the Game Server status page, which is available on the official game website by clicking the SERVICES button: 


It displays the current status of key game services responsible for various components of the game, as well as recent status statistics. 

If there are problems with any of the game services, the color of its indicator will differ from green. For example, if the color of the Trading service is orange, this means that there is a chance of encountering problems with the work of Traders and the Flea Market in the game.

  1. Often, a disconnection problem can occur when using a wireless WiFi network to connect a computer to a home router, if the quality of this connection is poor. It's simple to check this by connecting the PC to the router with a network cable - this will eliminate the influence of the wireless network on the quality of communication;
  2. One of the possible reasons for disconnection from the game servers may be the use of a VPN by the player: when using a VPN, the path to the Internet traversed by network packets becomes longer. As a rule, this leads to a decrease in the quality of the connection and may lead to problems with the quality of the network connection in the game.

If you are using a VPN, try disabling it before launching the game and entering new raids.

  1. If your Internet connection is very slow, or it is overloaded with downloading any data (watching movies, downloading other games, using torrent, etc.), then this may negatively affect the connection to game servers. If the server does not receive responses from the game client within the allotted time, the server may drop the connection, which will disconnect the player from the current raid.

When playing the game, disable all applications that can create a high load on your Internet connection.

  1. Disconnection from game servers can be caused by a low-performance PC that has specs at or below the minimum recommended level for the game, and cannot process game data received from game servers in a timely manner.

A slow PC can also be indicated by a very long loading time into the raid and disconnection from the game server almost immediately after the character deployed on the game location. Most often, this occurs on large locations (Shoreline, Lighthouse, Woods), while playing on Factory does not cause disconnection problems.

Close applications running in the background to reduce the load on the PC.

  1. If these recommendations did not help, please contact technical support by creating a ticket via the game launcher.