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Trading system

The trading system in Escape from Tarkov plays a significant role, without which you cannot survive. You can buy almost everything, from matches to high-end equipment and large ammo/food containers, etc.

 At the moment, the trading system is presented in the form of eight traders and the Flea Market trading platform.

Each of the traders represents their own category of goods, like medicine, military or hunting equipment, weapons and attachments for them. The progress of the trader is divided into Loyalty Levels (4 in total), with the increase of which they provide an extended list of goods or services. In order to increase traders' Loyalty Levels, a number of conditions must be met:

  • Total money spent with the trader;
  • Character’s level;
  • Reputation level with the trader;  

For example, for the second Loyalty Level with Prapor, you need to increase the character’s level to 15 and raise the reputation with Prapor to 0.20, as well as spend 750 thousand rubles in total (it doesn’t matter whether you buy goods from the trader or sell to them). To successfully increase the Loyalty Level, each of the criteria must be met.

You can increase the level of reputation by completing tasks that can be obtained from traders. Also, upgraded versions of the game offer an increased level of reputation already at the start of the playthrough.

Flea Market trading:

Before level 15, Flea Market only has the items from traders, while the full features of Flea Market unlock after your character reaches level 15.
On Flea Market, you can purchase required items sold by other players and traders, and also sell or barter items yourself.

Which items can be sold/bartered? 

You can only sell/barter items with the “Found in raid” tag. What does this mean? If an item has a “checkmark” in the bottom right corner of its icon, then this item is found in raid and can be sold or bartered on Flea Market. If the item doesn’t have the “checkmark”, then you won’t be able to sell/barter it on Flea Market.


Items that can be sold/bartered: 


Items that cannot be sold/bartered:


Trading with Fence:

Fence stands out from other traders with his unique mechanics. To increase reputation with him, you need to play as a Scav, as well as perform some specific activities when playing as a PMC. Upon reaching reputation 6.0, it becomes possible to buy items lost by players in raids, if they were not insured or looted by other players.

What is needed to increase reputation with Fence? 

  • Successfully extracting from a raid as a Scav;
  • Completing tasks as a Scav;
  • Killing PMCs as a Scav;
  • Co-op extracting with a PMC as a Scav and vice versa;
  • Using a vehicle extraction as a PMC;

You can also decrease your reputation with Fence. When playing as a Scav, if you kill AI or other Player Scavs (unless they shoot and hit you first), your reputation will decrease. 

Trading types in Escape from Tarkov:

  1. Standard trading - with in-game traders on the “Money for an item” principle.

2. Barter - with in-game traders on the “Item for an item” principle.

3. Flea Market – trading with other live players for money and for items.