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Game crashes after patch

If after update you started to experience crashes (emergency closes of the game), significant FPS drops, freezes, and you had the Mip Streaming function enabled in the graphics settings before the update, you must manually disable it by changing the settings file. To do this, you have to configure the graphics file at "%AppData%\Battlestate Games\Escape from Tarkov\Settings" (press Win+R, enter the path without commas, click OK), open the Graphics.ini file with any text editor, find the "MipStreaming" parameter and replace the value "true" with "false" (see the picture at the bottom of the article).

You can also delete the file, but all graphics settings will be reset to default (after deletion, you must run the game and check that the "MipStreaming" parameter in the specified file is "false").

Then make sure that the texture quality level in the settings is set to the same value as before the patch.

If the suggestions above didn't help you, please make a support ticket via the "Report bug" button in the launcher, we will definitely help you.