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Insurance system

Due to the fact that in the Escape From Tarkov project, the death of your character means the loss of all equipment that was brought into the raid, the Player has the opportunity to return, in part or in full, their belongings using an in-game service called “Insurance”.
This service is provided by in-game traders Prapor and Therapist.

Players can insure any item except consumables (Ammo, Provision, Grenades, Medicine). Besides that, the cost and return time of insurance depends on the choice of the trader and their attitude towards the Player. 

Players can insure items in two ways:

  • Go to stash from the game’s main menu, right mouse click the needed item, and click the “Insure” button in the opened window

Next, in the new window, you can see the total cost of the insurance, the approximate return time, and, if needed, an ability to change the trader that will insure your item.

  • You have to go to the raid (Escape from Tarkov button in the main menu), select your PMC character, then a location, after which the insurance menu will open. The choice of a trader who will provide insurance is in menu 1. Next, you can insure part of your items by clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate item and confirming the choice by clicking the “Insure” button at the bottom of the screen. It's also possible to insure all items at once by ticking the appropriate box in menu 2. The second option is most convenient for instant insurance of all items before starting a raid.

If the Player insured their equipment, went to a location and subsequently the character was killed, then there is a possibility that some or all of the items that were insured will be returned.
Items are returned only if nobody looted them after the death of the character and before the end of the game session. Items are also not returned if the character went “Missing in Action”. This status is assigned to Players who did not leave the location before the in-game timer expired.

The Player can take items that were returned via the Insurance using in-game mail, in the dialogue with the appropriate trader. After the items are returned, a 24-hour timer starts. If the Player did not have time to take their equipment from the trader before the end of the timer, the items will be irrevocably lost.