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Offline raids

Offline raid is a special game mode that allows you to practice before entering online raids.

Such raid takes place without the game server, other players, and your character does not lose anything, but does not gain anything either. For this type of raid there is no insurance, character progress, quests. For the convenience of exploring a location or training a shooting skill, you can adjust the number of wild AIs and their difficulty, as well as turn bosses on or off.

To enter an offline raid - after the location selection screen, you need to check the checkbox for enabling offline raid, select the desired raid settings.


For owners of the Edge of Darkness pre-order kit, the possibility of offline raids as a group is available. The conditions are the same as in a regular offline raid, the progress of all players is reset after raid end.

To enter an offline raid with other players, you need to check the "cooperative mode" checkbox. In cooperative mode, all settings for bots, bosses, time and weather are the same like in online raids.

An additional feature - the “start with a group” checkbox, allows all players in the group to start on a common spawn point in the center of the location. When the checkbox is disabled, spawning will occur as in online mode.

The number of players in the group for the "co-op mode" has been increased and depends on the maximum number of players in the selected location.