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Cheaters, Hackers, users and developers of Forbidden Software

Cheaters, Hackers - players who use "Prohibited Software", which in any way affects the game client from the user's side, modifying game files, extracting data from the project, etc. The use of such programs violates the license agreement clause 4.3.4. In case of violation of this clause, the user may be partially or completely terminates access to the Escape from Tarkov project, its forum and other social platforms, without prior notification. Most of the detected violators receive a permanent block of the account.

To counter such users, Battlestate Games uses Battleye anti-cheat, as well as its own internal anti-cheat measures and systems. Any measures to counter players and developers of "Prohibited Software" are constantly being improved, due to the constant modification and changes in the "Prohibited Software" by their developers.

If you detect suspicious activity of players in the raid, you can use the in-game "report a violation" functionality. The functionality is available on the raid-end screen, when your character dies, next to the name of the character who killed your character.

Developers welcome the transfer of files and licenses for "Prohibited Software", for further study and improvement of anti-cheat systems. You can write a support ticket and attach all the necessary data.