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ETS, the Early test server

ETS or Early test server - is a special platform used by developers to test various changes, technical or features, on a large number of people with different characteristics of computers, network connections and game experience. ETS is designed to help identify unobvious problems, bugs, and deficiencies, as well as complex bugs that cannot be found in a short time with limited effort.
Thanks to ETS participants efforts, players on the main servers will receive a more stable and improved version of the game with every next update, and the development team will get more useful information for quick fixes of detected errors.
To participate in ETS testing, you will need to apply for registration through a special form in the launcher, after which the participants will be selected. To participate in selection, you will need an active copy of Escape from Tarkov.


Who is applicable for ETS participance?
Any player who has a copy of the game can submit a request. When selecting ETS participants, the current level of the character in the game and the age of the account on the website and other criteria will be taken into account.

Which regions will have ETS servers?
You can play ETS from any region's account, but ETS servers are only available in some countries. Some regions are therefore likely to experience network delays and connection interruptions.

Which languages will be available on ETS?
All official Escape from Tarkov languages are supported on ETS.

Will there be wipes?

Yes, wipes will happen often on ETS servers, as well as other changes in game parameters, items characteristics and other changes needed for special testing within ETS.

Will ETS progress be transferred to the main servers?
No. Anything you achieve on ETS (levels, items, statistics, awards, in-game money, points) will remain on ETS and will not be transferred to your regular account.

What do we expect from the ETS participant?
You play as on a normal server, get updates through the launcher, inform us about the bugs you've noticed through the form «Send bug report», as well as periodically answer questions in the section «Leave feedback».

Where can I share my opinion on the changes from the ETS?
The goal of ETS is to check the correctness of the developing version before its release, our priority is the early correction of major issues and technical malfunctions. So fill in the "Leave a Feedback" form regularly - it will help the team a lot in game development.

Note that an ETS member who broadcasts a gameplay, posts project material or discloses any information from ETS on streaming and other services is personally responsible to the developer. Violation of the non-disclosure agreement will result in expulsion from the early testing team and may result in other consequences.

Can my access to ETS be revoked?
Yes, if your participation does not meet the requirements of the ETS program, including due to a violation of the terms of the additional non-disclosure agreement. Also, access to ETS can be revoked without declaring reasons (for example, to change the active ETS testing group).