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Progression reset or "Wipe"

The Escape from Tarkov project is under development, this is why, approximately once in 4 months, progress of all players resets and so called "wipes" are organized.

Progress reset or "wipe" is the reset of all player game profiles to the starting point, when it is necessary to choose the PMC faction, appearance and voice of the character once again. All progress, everything that was obtained by the game character is irrevocably lost.

For the development team, wipes serve several purposes, one of which is balancing changes to bring the project closer to the way it should be on release. Not only trade, characteristics and availability of items are subject to balancing, but also adjustments of parameters based on community feedback after the release of new game features. Other reasons are technical. For part of the community, "wipes" have become an opportunity to experience new game experience, in new conditions and with new game features.

After the game release, the "wipes" of the main character will stop, but the "wipes" will not disappear completely - they can be left as a seasonal mechanic,

Each player has the opportunity to independently reset their progress through the site profile, there is a time limit on such resets that does not allow the player to make an unlimited number of wipes in a short period of time.