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Community moderators

Moderators are active members of the community, selflessly helping in enforcing user rules on the official Escape from Tarkov forums, as well as on the BattleState Games social networks.
The primary quality of a moderator is impartiality when interacting with the community. Moderators maintain a positive and constructive environment for user interaction in the community and take action as necessary to correct violations.
Moderators are not employees of Battlestate Games and cannot speak on behalf of the company.

What qualities should an Escape from Tarkov moderator have?

Impartial - moderators are not prone to biased judgments when making decisions.

Communicative - easily enters ‌a dialogue with other people, finds a common language with them, maintains a constructive dialogue with the community.

Polite 一 always tactful in conversations, restrained in expressions, and does not use obscene language.

Informed  keeps track of information about the game using the public information resources of the community. Understands the features of the current stage of development of the game.

If you want to help moderate the community, please contact our head moderators biala_mewa or koinonia

You can leave feedback on moderators’ actions by contacting BSG CM Team member on Discord: appl3z0r#9494