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Emissaries of Escape from Tarkov

Emissaries are volunteers from all over the world who are actively involved in the Escape from Tarkov community and support Battlestate Games. Emissaries create content, make sure every voice in the community is heard, they make official messages clear and accessible to players anywhere in the world.

A distinctive feature of the emissary is a positive contribution to the growth of the community.
Emissaries explain the information and features of the current stage of development of the game to the community. They are the link between the community and the developers of Escape from Tarkov. For active involvement, emissaries are also given a distinctive badge in the game, on the Discord server, and the official forum of the game.

What do emissaries do?

Take part in the organization and help hold events, contests, and giveaways. 

Assist with navigating official and unofficial EFT resources.

Translate news and publish them to the game community. Cast tournaments and podcasts in the language of their region. 

Take part in moderation on official and unofficial EFT resources.

Participate in creating informational and entertainment content, including writing articles and reviews.


What qualities should an Escape from Tarkov emissary have?

Bright community representative  charges others with their optimism and confidence.

Informed  keeps track of information about the game using the public information resources of the community. Understands the features of the current stage of development of the game.

Communicative  easily enters into a dialogue with other people, finds a common language with them, maintains a constructive dialogue with the community.

Initiative  contributes into growth of EFT community on their own or with like-minded people, creates informational and entertaining content.

Honest 一 values their reputation. Uses and receives information in compliance with the license agreement and the rules of the game.

Polite 一 always tactful in conversations, restrained in expressions, and does not use obscene language.

Team player 一 finds mutual understanding in the team, actively interacts with the team and provides support in implementing various ideas and tasks.


Emissary program rules:

Emissaries do not provide advice on solving technical issues. For these questions, please contact Technical Support.

Emissaries may refuse to consult on the questions about the game if there is a conflict or no mutual understanding between parties, without discussing the reasons for the refusal. 

Emissaries don’t give away trial keys for Escape from Tarkov.


How do I become an emissary?
Perhaps you are familiar with the activities of emissaries, so why not join the team? You can contact our coordinator via Discord: appl3z0r#9494
Emissaries are not employees of Battlestate Games and cannot speak on behalf of the company.

You can find the current list of emissaries at official game forum
You can leave feedback on the emissary program to our coordinator via Discord: appl3z0r#9494