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Sherpa Program

Sherpas are players who help beginners study the main game features and improve their skills to survive the harsh Tarkov environment. This difficult and honorable task falls on the shoulders of the most friendly, patient, and, of course, experienced Tarkov citizens.
Sherpas are volunteers who dedicate their time not only by teaching others but also studying Tarkov themselves, adding to their knowledge of the game. Selfless aid to new players greatly contributes to the growth of the Escape from Tarkov community.
When teaching beginners, sherpas rely on their preferences in the game: location, weapons, equipment, tactical moves, and their unique gaming experience. 

By learning from various sherpas, new players can gain a wide range of experience and choose their own preferred play style. Sherpas also receive a distinctive badge in the game, on the Discord server, and the official forum of the game.

For active involvement and systematic assistance to beginners, sherpas receive an incentive reward as an in-game set of equipment.

Where can I find sherpas?

You can find sherpas in the game’s official Discord server 
You can apply for a duo raid with a sherpa at official site of the game
Perhaps you already help beginners in the game, so why not join the sherpas? You can apply for the Sherpa status here 
You can leave feedback on the sherpa program to our coordinator throught Discord appl3z0r#9494

What qualities should an Escape from Tarkov sherpa have?

Experienced understands the basic game mechanics, ammo stats, personal protection gear,  impact of character skills on the gameplay and their leveling, has knowledge of Tarkov’s characters and its locations.

Stress-resistant under any circumstance maintains restraint, patience, and composure, understands beginners’ mistakes and the unpredictability of the gameplay.

Responsive understands the hardships of beginners’ first steps in the game and provides support as best as they can.

Polite always tactful in conversations, restrained in expressions, and does not use obscene language.

Honest respects the license agreement and the rules of the game. Teaches only fair play, doesn’t use imperfections of game mechanics to gain advantage.

Sherpa program rules:

Sherpas don’t receive rewards from players for the completed assistance. 

If a beginner behaves inappropriately, they may be restricted from applying for assistance.

Sherpa has the right to complete the learning process unilaterally if there is a conflict or no mutual understanding between them and the beginner.

Sherpas don’t assist with the “grindy” quests like “Eliminate Killa 100 times”, but they can explain the details of the process and give advice on how to fight bosses.


Sherpas are not employees of Battlestate Games and cannot speak on behalf of the company.