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Bug Report Instructions

1. Log in to the launcher as a registered user.

2. Open the “Send bug report” window.

3. Select the category in the drop-down menu:

3.1. Technical issues are the default category. Any problems of a technical nature.

3.2. In-game profile - problems with the player profile.

3.3. Gameplay issues.

3.4. Launcher - a problem arose in the launcher.

3.5. Weapon - problems arose with weapons and modifications.

3.6. Trading - there are problems in the trading interface.

4. After selecting a category, you must specify the date the error was detected. Date and time will automatically be tightened according to the latest change in the logs of the game and launcher.

If necessary, the date can be specified manually, for this:

4.1. Expand calendar.

4.2. Select date.

4.2.1. To indicate one day, double-click on the selected date.

4.3. Click the "Apply" button. If the date must be returned to the previously saved value, click the "Cancel" button.

5. After selecting the date, the blocks “Logs of the game client”, “Logs of the launcher”, “Crash dumps” and “In-game screenshots” will display the data that was received in the interval of the selected dates. Depending on the selected categories, checkboxes in the blocks “Game client logs”, “Launcher logs” will be activated. The data in the blocks “Crash dumps” and “In-game screenshots” must be activated yourself if there was a crash or you made a screenshot of the error. You can add your files by clicking the “Add Files” button:

After adding the files, a new block will appear - “Manually added files”:

There is a limit of 15 MB for a bug report. This restriction is displayed at the bottom of the window. The amount of available space is displayed on the progress bar:

6. In the field “Please describe your problem”, it is necessary to describe in detail how and under what conditions the problem occurred:

For description of bugs, we recommend taking the following steps:

Record a video:

Video is the best complement to a text description of the problem. It gives a clear picture of the problem, reduces the number of qualifying questions and saves time on studying and searching for the cause of the problem. It increases the probability of fixing the problem and frees up time to fix other bugs. 

You can use any video recording program you like. We ourselves use GeForce Experience from NVidia or ReLive from AMD. They are easy to set up and have almost no effect on game performance.

Instant replay is the most useful feature of GeForce Experience and ReLive. It can save the last 5 minutes of your gameplay at the press of a hotkey. You don't have to make a huge recording from the beginning of the game, and the developers will see the essentials: what you were doing before the problem occurred. 

The video itself can be uploaded somewhere, enable link access and add the link to the bug report from the launcher. YouTube or Google Drive are good for uploading. 

Take a screenshot:

Screenshots are not as informative as videos. But screenshots with description and logs are better than description and logs without screenshots. 

When you click on "PrintScreen" the game will save your screenshot to your Documents / Escape From Tarkov folder.

Especially great if your screenshot has a panel with telemetry. This panel can be opened with the command fps 2 in the game console. 

Write a description:

1. Describe in detail how the problem looks like. Imagine that you're explaining to your grandmother how to use your smartphone. Write as simply as possible, but try to avoid generalities. As if you were showing grandma exactly where to click to send a message. 

For example, problems like "bots fly" or "inventory doesn't work" will be presented differently by different people. But if you write specifically: "A scav moved through the air at a distance of two meters above the surface" or "Items in the inventory were blinking, and the context menu on the right mouse button click did not open", then the developer will have an understandable picture in his head. Such a problem can already be dealt with.

2. Tell us how the problem affected the gameplay. This effect can tell us a lot. If the problems sound similar, but differ in their consequences, they are probably two different problems.

For example, two players write, "Guns don't reload." They seem to be talking about the same thing. But the first player has "The rifle wouldn't reload until the player switched weapons," and the second player has "The rifle picked up from the scav's corpse wouldn't reload." 

There may be no consequences. For example, a "flying bot" is unlikely to affect your gameplay much. Especially if it will not pay attention to you. 

3. Specify where and with whom everything happened. The problem happened to you personally or to a member of your group. It was Customs or Reserve Base. You went in for the PMC or the Scavs. Or you observed the problem with the Scav Bots.

4. Describe what you were doing before the problem occurred. Not always, but often the problem is related to what the player was doing before the problem occurred. Therefore, you can describe everything you remember, in order. 

But most often important are those actions that are related to the object of the problem. If the problem is with reloading, we need to know what happened to the weapon and when. For example, you tried to reload after a treatment or while eating a meal. 

5. Share observations. Any observations will be helpful. Especially if you didn't do anything and the problem occured on its own. Write down anything that seems important to you.

In the case of the "flying bot", a description of what the bot did before it took off would be helpful. For example: "spotted a player and ran for cover" or "fought another PMC and threw a grenade". And in the case of an immortal PMC, it is important to say whether bad connection indicators were displayed.

7. When all the data is specified, click the “Submit” button. After sending, a window with data about the bug report will be displayed. In case of an answer, a new message will be displayed in the launcher and on the site. You can also track your message in your profile yourself.