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Issues with running the game and launcher

If the application shuts displaying erro­r0xc0000005, you can fix it by doing one of the following:

1. Reinstall DirectX us­ing web installer.

2. Launch the registry cleaner program — the error may be caused by the errors in the registry.

3. Ensure the Launcher application has been added to the antivi­rus program’s except­ion list.

4. If you haven’t insta­lled an antivirus pr­ogram on your PC, the error may be caused by virus. Please use Dr.Web CureIt! free utility.

5. Revise the RAM modul­es: ensure there is permissible amount of RAM on your comput­er. If you inserted new module recently please replace it and check if the error remains. The random access memory may also be checked by us­ing MemTest86 progra­m.

6. The error may also be caused by incorrec­tly installed augmen­tative devices. Try to run the appli­cation under another Windows profile.