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Preorder purchase


Before purchasing a pre-order, please make sure to read and understand the License Agreement, Privacy Policy, Rules of the Game, Forum Rules.

The pre-orders can be purchased on this page.

ATTENTION! The possibility of launching a product is limited to the geographical area in which it was purchased. You can run the game only if you are in the same region where it was purchased. The only exception is made for Europe - copies of the game that were purchased in this region can be run in any other region.

You can find out your current region at the bottom of pre-order page.


Step one - select a pre-order package.

Step two - press pre-order button.

Please note that you must be 18 years old or older to complete the purchase!

Step three - select the payment method in the appearing window and follow the instructions.

Please note that the payment fee may vary depending on the selected payment method!

Pre-order purchase is processed via Xsolla payment system.

In the upper-right corner you can find your transaction number, please write it down just in case you will need any support for your payment.

After completing the pre-order you will receive a confirmation email.

Regardless, whether you have received the letter or not, you can check the availability of the pre-order package in your profile on the website.