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  • Not receiving emails from escapefromtarkov.com

    If you are having trouble receiving emails with a two-factor authorization code or a link to confirm your registration, try the... 阅读

  • ETS, the Early test server

    ETS or Early test server - is a special platform used by developers to test various changes, technical or features,... 阅读

  • Escape from Tarkov Arena

    Escape from Tarkov Arena is a standalone game project - a session-based multiplayer first-person shooter for PC with all the known... 阅读

  • Community moderators

    Moderators are active members of the community, selflessly helping in enforcing user rules on the official Escape from Tarkov... 阅读

  • Emissaries of Escape from Tarkov

    Emissaries are volunteers from all over the world who are actively involved in the Escape from Tarkov community and support... 阅读

  • Sherpa Program

    Sherpas are players who help beginners study the main game features and improve their skills to survive the harsh Tarkov... 阅读

  • Error 403 on the site

    If this error appears AFTER you click on the "Login"/"Registration" buttons BEFORE you enter your password, you need to contact... 阅读

  • Error "Our systems detected suspicious traffic from your computer network"

    If you are facing "Our systems detected suspicious traffic from your computer network" error, it is necessary to send an email to... 阅读

  • System requirements for Escape from Tarkov

    这里提供的《逃离塔科夫》的系统配置要求仅供参考。 我们在测试阶段还会对游戏进行优化,因此游戏正式发布时,其系统配置要求可能会有少许变动。 如果... 阅读

  • 《逃离塔科夫》的故事背景(时间和地点)?

    《逃离塔科夫》的故事发生在当代一个虚构的世界——俄罗斯城市塔科夫及其近郊地区,这里是该国北部的工业和金融中心。游戏中的事件也又为俄罗斯 2028 的虚构宇宙提供了背景信息。塔科夫被卷入了一场由 Terra Group 跨国集团的不法行为引发的武装冲突,主要交战双方为两家私人军事公司。出于未知的原因,城中事态发展迅速恶化,渐渐失控,当地市民纷纷撤离。只有私人军事承包商、当地的持枪拾荒者和来历不... 阅读