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  • How to purchase a pre-order

    In order to purchase a pre-order, you need to have a registered account (registration/log-in). Then you need to go to the... 阅读

  • How to gift a pre-order

    In order to purchase a pre-order key as a gift, you must have a registered account (registration/log-in) with an active pre-order. ... 阅读

  • Pre-order upgrade

    Escape From Tarkov project has several pre-order editions, which differ from each other by sets of starting in-game items. In... 阅读

  • Preorder refund

    Before purchasing a pre-order of Escape from Tarkov project, it is recommended that you read all the agreements: ... 阅读

  • What is a Season Pass?

    The Season pass is access to additional paid content (DLC) that will not need to be purchased separately by Season pass holders. ... 阅读

  • Promotions and discounts

    Sometimes various promotions take place, most often they include a discount on pre-order, upgrade pre-order. Usually, they are... 阅读

  • Pre-order regions

    Escape from Tarkov pre-orders are region-locked. That does not mean that you will have the opportunity to connect only local... 阅读