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  • Unity crash

    If you are constantly faced with Unity crashes, especially at the time of loading the location - set the page file to the value... 阅读

  • Error "Lost connection with anti-cheat"

    If you face the "Lost connection with anti-cheat" error constantly, then: - Delete the BattleEye folder in the game folder... 阅读

  • The choice of language is not confirmed or the agreement in the game is not accepted

    If you don’t have a button to confirm the choice of language or a button to accept the agreement, then you need to set full... 阅读

  • How to delete a game?

    You have to go to the "Programs and Features" in your OS, select "Battlestate Games Launcher" and click on the "Delete" button. ... 阅读

  • Return items

    We're not compensating any gear/items lost. All elements of the game are still under development. We would like you to understand... 阅读

  • Doge icons

    In case when some textures in the game are replaced with a cube with a dog picture, it is necessary to check the integrity of the... 阅读

  • Problems with BattlEye

    If you have a problem with BattleEye anti-cheat, visit this topic at our forum. It contains information about the most common... 阅读

  • Insurance

    - Insurance does not guarantee you a gear-refund, it will work only with the insured item which has not left the location before... 阅读

  • Errors 502 и 504

    502 and 504 errors in the launcher and on the site appear with a strong overload or a complete server shutdown. Check the news... 阅读

  • Error 704 - Quest is unavailable

    This error means that for some reason the quest is not available for you. Unfortunately, it happens that such quests are displayed... 阅读

  • Error 232 - Wrong major version

    The version of the game is out of date. You should exit the game, launch the launcher, and update the game to the current version.

  • Error 605 - No servers available

    Usually, this error appears in the case of updating game servers. Also, it can appear with high server load, when there are no... 阅读

  • Error 231 - Wrong taxonomy version

    A game update required. If updating the game client is not available, there may be some technical problems on the server-side, you... 阅读

  • Error 201 - Not authorized or not selected game profile

    This error appears after the connection break between server and a game client. Server turned off the connection with the game... 阅读

  • Cheaters

    Players using forbidden software constantly get banned. Two anti-cheats are working on this matter - one of its own design, the... 阅读

  • 运行游戏和启动器相关问题

    若应用闪退并显示错误代码 0xc0000005,可尝试以下步骤进行修复: 1. 通过 网页安装器重新安装 DirectX。 2. 启动注册表清除程序—&... 阅读

  • 游戏资料重置

    在测试阶段,玩家可通过网站上的个人资料选项重置其游戏资料。 重置会有什么后果?- 所有游戏进度都将重置为初始状态,但你的好友列表和昵称将保留。 游戏进度包括:获得的经验、战... 阅读

  • 离线模式下无法保存战利品

    离线模式只适用于  Beta 阶段。 离线模式仅用于提供新手引导,无法让玩家以任何形式获得或保存战利品。 "