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  • Quest system

    Tasks in Escape from Tarkov.
    Tasks (Quests) is a list of jobs that are given to you by traders. They provide the possibility of faster character progression. By completing tasks, players usually receive in-game experience, money, items, and also improves the Loyalty Level, which gives access to new levels of the trader's item range. Completing some quests unlocks the ability to buy previously unavailable items from traders.

    Types of tasks.
    There are two types of tasks: static and temporary. Temporary tasks have a time limit, while static tasks have no time limits. Temporary tasks can be either daily or weekly. Conditions and rewards for temporary tasks are generated automatically.

    Acquiring tasks.
    In order to take a task, you need to go to the trader's menu, click the Tasks tab in the upper left and select an available task. After selecting, you need to accept the task by clicking the Accept button at the top of the screen. For convenience, traders who are ready to give you a task are marked with a green icon in the upper right corner of their portrait.

    Temporary tasks exist for both the main character (PMC) and the secondary character (Scav). Temporary tasks for the main character (PMC) can be given by any trader except Fence. Daily tasks are available from level 5 of the main character (PMC), weekly tasks - from level 15. For a secondary character (Scav), they can be obtained after installing the Intelligence Center module in your Hideout.

    If the conditions for completing a temporary task look too complicated or simply don't suit you, the task can be replaced by clicking the Replace button at the top of the screen. This service costs money and can reduce loyalty with the trader. After the replacement, you will be offered a new task. The fee for each subsequent replacement will increase.

    Completing tasks.
    Most static tasks must be completed while playing as the main character (PMC). Tasks may require you to find items marked as ‘Found in raid’. Items found in a raid have a check mark in the lower right corner of the inventory icon. Items with this mark can be found in an online raid, obtained as a reward for a completed task or by creating an item in the Hideout.

    Tasks that have a condition to bring an item marked ‘Found in raid’ can also be completed as a secondary character (Scav). If these items can be produced in the Hideout, they are also suitable for completing such tasks.

    Handing over task-required items.
    To transfer items for a quest, go to the Tasks tab of the trader, select the needed task and click the 'Turn in' button in the list of objectives. A window will open with a selection of items to transfer. In it, you need to select the items you want to transfer. There are tasks where you need to transfer container items (like backpacks). They must be emptied beforehand.

    Completing tasks and getting rewards.
    After completing all of the objectives, the option to complete the quest becomes available. To do this, go to the trader's menu, select the Tasks tab, select the completed quest and click the Complete button at the top center of the screen. For convenience, traders have a blue check mark on their portrait if they have tasks that can be completed. For completed quests, the task's objective window is recolored blue. Note that if you have fulfilled all the objectives in a temporary task, but have not completed it, and the task timer runs out, that task will be considered failed.

    After completing the task, you need to receive your reward. If your reward is experience, unlocked item from a trader, or a loyalty level, these are applied immediately. If your reward is items, you will receive them through in-game messages. They are located in the Messages tab at the bottom right. To receive a reward, you need to select the appropriate trader in the left column and click on the Receive button in the dialogue with that trader. Please note that if you don't collect the reward in a certain amount of time, it will be lost. To the left of the Receive button there is a timer that shows how long the reward will be available. The Receive All button allows you to collect all rewards at once (if you have completed several tasks from one trader at once) and all 
    insured items that have been returned to you.

    After you click Receive or Receive All, the item transfer window opens, with all the items you earned on the left and your inventory on the right. Move the earned items into your inventory by dragging them with your mouse or by clicking the Receive All button. To complete the transfer, click the Accept button. If you don't want to or can't take an item, you can keep it and collect it later.

    List of active tasks.
    You can view the list of active tasks by either going to the Tasks tab of the trader, or to the same tab in the character window. In a raid, only the second method is available.

    Access to new tasks.
    New static tasks unlock as the conditions of the task availability are fulfilled. Conditions may include character level, attitude with the trader, and the completion of a different quest.

    Task game mechanics:

    Unique items and quest inventory
    Unique task items are items that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. These items appear on the location only for the player with the task. Each player with a task in the location can get one such item.  When you pick up such an item, it goes into the special "quest" inventory, which is located in the Tasks tab of the character window. When a character dies, the item is deleted and you have to find it again. When you are out of a raid, you can put these items in the "quest" stash, also in the Tasks tab. This will save the items even after the character's death in the raid.

    Failing tasks
    It is possible to fail any task if the conditions for failure exist. Temporary tasks are considered failed if the time to complete the task has expired. For static tasks, failure conditions may be different. For example, killing a certain character in a location or completing one trader's task will cause you to fail the task of another trader.

    Specified equipment tasks
    There are tasks that require a character to wear certain equipment. In such tasks, the required equipment is written either in the objectives or in the task description.

    Tasks with stashing items or repairing objects
    In such tasks, the player must have the required item (for example, a toolset to repair the panels at the Factory location), come to the specified place and fulfill the task by holding down the Use button until the timer expires. These items can be both unique (which appear only while having this task) and ordinary items.

    “Mark an object” tasks

    To fulfill such tasks, the player needs to find an object and mark it with a certain device. Most often you'll have to use an MS2000 signal marker for this purpose. For convenience, these items can be placed in special slots in the character's inventory. This will allow you not to lose them when your character dies.

    In order to mark an object, you need to get close to it and press the Use key. Then you need to hold the position until the timer runs out. The timer will be shown at the bottom of the screen. When the timer ends, the objective is considered completed.

    Weapon assembly tasks

    The goal of these tasks is to give the trader an assembled weapon that matches the required parameters. The required parameters are specified in the task description.

    The main thing in such tasks is to read carefully. In addition to the required parameters, the weapon itself must be in good technical condition. The trader will not accept a worn-out weapon, even if it fits the conditions of the task. If you have assembled the weapon correctly, a special checkmark will appear on it and you can hand it over to the trader.

    Known issues:

    Error 704 - Quest is unavailable
    This error means that for some reason the task is unavailable for you. Unfortunately, sometimes such tasks are displayed as available for taking, but when you try to take them, you get a 704 error and the task disappears from the list of available tasks, as it should have been.

    Item/trader hasn’t unlocked after task completion.
    If you have completed a task that unlocks an item for purchase as a reward, but it does not appear at the trader, follow these steps:

    - Make sure you have a high enough trader Loyalty Level (LL) to purchase the item. You can find out the required LL by hovering your mouse over the reward in the list of completed tasks.

    - Wait for the trader to refresh the item inventory. Items may have already been purchased by other players.

    - Restart the game.

    If a trader (such as Jaeger) hasn't unlocked after completing a task, try restarting the game as well.

    If the steps above did not help, please contact support by sending a bug report via the Launcher.

  • Control tips

    This article contains more than basic information about game controls. Some controls are not shown or explained in the game, but can be really handy. This article contains tips for default keyboard and mouse binds. To access keybinds go to the in-game “Settings” and click the “Controls” section. To assign a key, you need to click on one of the “KEY” columns with either “Not Set” or assigned key. To assign a key to an action, click the section that says not set once, after clicking it will say “Press any key”. Whichever key you press except the “ESC” key, will be assigned to that action. You can assign an alternative key for an action, setting a key in a next column. The key assignment process is the same as reassigning a key. If you want to assign two different keys, hold down whichever key you want to assign first and then press the second key. You can also set the press type of the keys you assign. "Unavailable" is displayed for press types that cannot be changed. To see if you can change press type, you need to assign a key to the action. There are four options available for press type: “Release”, “Continuous”, “Press”, and “Double click”. When you set it to “Release”, the action activates as soon as the key is released. When you set it to “Continuous”, you have to hold down the key. When you set it to “Press”, you only need to press the key. When you set it to “Double click”, you have to press the key twice quickly.

    Basic Movement and Controls

    You can turn your head left and right without making noise by pressing the “Mouse Wheel”. To do that, hold the “Mouse Wheel” pressed while doing this movement. This feature does not work while aiming down the sights. Escape from Tarkov gun customization allows you to install several sights and scopes to your gun, you can switch between them. To switch between sights use the “RMB” + “LCtrl” keybind and if any sights are installed on the weapon, then iron sights are not used. If you want to adjust the scope zoom, the sight reticle or turn on sight’s laser pointer, use “RMB” + “LAlt” keybind.

    Your character can get an "Overweight" status, followed by speed and stamina debuffs, if you take too many items with you. You can quickly drop your backpack on the ground by double-pressing the “Z” key, to get rid of debuffs to fight more effectively. The player body height can be changed smoothly using the “Mouse Wheel Scroll'' + “C”, choosing between 7 crouch positions. Pressing key "C" will crouch your character at the lowest position by default or last crouch position you've used. Key "C" also allows you to quickly change your position to standing. You can choose the speed of the character's movement (and that will change the amount of noise your character makes while walking) either by "Mouse Wheel" or "Caps lock". The "Caps lock" instantly switches to the slowest speed and back, while "Mouse Scroll + and -" allows you to choose the speed.

    For checking the map exits and time left in the raid, use the "O" key. Single press of "O" key shows the time left and double pressing shows time and list of available or possible exits. 

    Weapon and Mods Controls
    To turn on or off your tactical weapon's devices, use the "T" key. To switch different modes of combined tactical devices use "T" + "LCtrl" keys.

    Pressing the “L” key examines the weapon you are holding in your hands, which provides information about ammo loaded in the gun. Some weapons have foldable stocks, which affects the size of weapons in inventory and weapon handling while in hand. To fold or unfold the stock press "L" + "Alt" keys. Some weapon mods can block the ability to fold a stock for some weapon models. Your weapon can malfunction due to poor gun condition, ammo, and overheating. To fix a gun malfunction you need to use the "L" key to examine the malfunction, then press "T" + "LShift" keys to fix that malfunction. To reload your gun with a new magazine use the "R" key. The magazines should be placed in pockets or tactical rigs for reload to happen. You can reload faster by pressing the "R" key twice, but your character will drop the magazine from the gun on the ground. You can pick a specific magazine to load by holding the "R" key and scrolling with the mouse wheel. To check the amount of ammo and it’s type in the currently loaded magazine press "T" + "LAlt" keys. To remove the magazine from the gun (only for magazine fed guns) without reloading press "R" + "LAlt". To lower your helmet's tactical device or face shield use "N" key.

    Some weapons have multiple fire modes. To check the current weapon's fire mode, press "B" + "Alt" keys. To change the fire mode, press "B". To check the chamber use "Shift" + "T" keys, to know which bullet is loaded in the chamber. To unload the bullet from the chamber, use "R" + "Ctrl" keys. If your gun has an attached magazine with bullets attached, the chamber unloading will load the next round from the magazine into the chamber. The game has a zeroing mechanic for long range combat and sniping. To adjust your scope for needed distance, aim your gun and press "PgUp'' or "PgDn" keys to either increase or decrease zeroing distance.

    Combat Controls
    If you need to fire your weapon from cover, without exposing yourself, you may use blind fire by pressing “W” + “LAlt” for blind fire from the top of the cover or “S” + “LAlt” to fire from the right side of cover.

    Your character can lean out of cover, to expose only part of the body. To lean quickly use keys “Q” or “E”. You may lay on the side, use “Q” or “E” + “Alt” keys while in a prone position.

    You can use quick side-step from the cover for your tactical maneuvers by pressing “E” + “LAlt” or “Q” + “LAlt” keys.


    Inventory and Stash Management
    You can quickly organize your inventory or stash. You can quickly move the items to your inventory by hovering the mouse over the item you want to get and pressing “LMB” + “LCtrl”. To quickly equip an item to your character press the “LMB” + “LAlt” keys and the item will be equipped to the free slot corresponding to this item.

    To help organize your loot in the stash you can use an auto-sorting function or sorting table. The auto-sorting icon is located at bottom of the stash.

    The “Sorting table” opens a new inventory grid, for temporary placement of items. The grid is automatically resized, when you put more items in. Closing the “Sorting table” will put the items from it to your stash empty slots. To rotate items, use the “R” key when you drag the item. When you first enter the game, the items in the raid and the traders are unexamined and you need to examine them. Unexamined weapons, ammo, weapon mods and equipment can’t be used or equipped. To examine an item, you need to hover over the item and press the “Mouse wheel” or you can use “Examine” option in the context menu of an item (“RMB” Key).


    Console Controls
    Console can be turned on or off by the “~” key. You may use some console commands to have additional information of game client performance during raid.
    Commands “Fps 1”, “Fps 2”, “Fps 3” show you different data on game client performance, from current FPS to time used for a single frame. To turn it off type “Fps 0”.


  • Anticheat problems and solutions

    Escape from Tarkov uses Battleye anti-cheat, which protects the game starting from the moment of its launch. The anti-cheat is launched before the start of the game and prevents the game from starting if it detects certain characteristics of prohibited software usage: changes in the game or critical system files, running virtual machines, etc. The anti-cheat works simultaneously during the game by detecting third-party programs running on the player's PC that are interfering with the game.
    In case of detection of any problems during its work the anti-cheat can show informational messages. The most common messages and recommendations for fixing the problem are described below. 

    Anti-Cheat message: "Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (numeric code)"
    The numeric code in the message can vary.

    An anti-cheat initialization error has occurred due to damaged game files, outdated version of the anti-cheat files or due to blocking the start of the anti-cheat by third-party software.

    To solve this problem:
    1. Set all available permissions for the current user for the folders with the game and the launcher (folder properties, tab "Security").
    2. Temporarily turn off all antivirus and security software such as Windows Defender, or add the launcher and the game to the white list (exclusion list) of these programs.
    3. Manually update the anti-cheat:
    - From the folder with the game, run uninstall anti-cheat \BattlEye\Uninstall_BattlEye

    The path and name of the game folder may be different from that shown in the example.
    - Find the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye" and delete it along with the files.
    - To install the anti-cheat from the game folder, run the file \BattlEye\Install_BattlEye

    The path and name of the game folder may be different from that shown in the example.

    4. This problem may be caused by a third-party application interfering with the anti-cheat. Try to run your OS in "clean" mode, following this instruction from Microsoft
    5. Check the integrity of the system files. To do this, open the command line cmd on your PC as administrator: click Start, type cmd and select Run as administrator.

    In the window that opens, run the command:
    sfc /scannow
    Wait for this program to finish and for errors, if any, to be corrected.

    Description of the sfc utility on the Microsoft website

    Anti-Cheat message: “Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game.”

    When running the game, the files specified in the message were blocked from being downloaded. Files that have vulnerabilities and are used to bypass game protection are blocked - even the names of OS system files or files of the game itself may be specified, if they have been changed or modified. In the example in the screenshot you can see that the file opengl32.dll is blocked from loading, while the game does not use it - a clear sign of third-party software interference.
    If you are not experiencing problems in the game, you can ignore this message. But if you are having trouble starting the game, update, disable or remove the software whose files are triggering the anti-cheat.
    If the message indicates system OS files, check their integrity. To do this, open the cmd command line on your PC as the administrator: click the Start button, type cmd and select Run as administrator.
    In the window that will open, run the command:
    sfc /scannow
    Wait until this program finishes and corrects errors, if any.

    Description of the sfc tool on the Microsoft website

    Anti-Cheat message: “Windows Kernel modification detected. Please repair or reinstall your system.”

    Modification of OS kernel files was detected.
    Perform integrity check of the system files. To do this, open the cmd command line on your PC as administrator: click the Start button, type cmd and select Run as administrator.
    In the window that will open, run the command: sfc /scannow
    Wait until this program finishes and corrects errors, if any.

    Description of the sfc tool on the Microsoft website

    Anti-Cheat message: “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Windows Test-Signing Mode not supported.”

    The use of Windows test mode is not supported and you will need to disable it. To do this, open a cmd command line on your PC as an administrator and run the command there:
    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF
    Then reboot your PC.

    Anti-Cheat message: “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Kernel Debugging enabled.”

    Your PC has the OS kernel debug mode enabled. To start the game you need to disable debug mode. Open the command line cmd in your PC as an administrator and run the command there:
    bcdedit /DEBUG OFF
    Then reboot your PC.
    This article on the Microsoft website

    In game

    Anti-Cheat message: Anticheat connection failed

    If you lose connection to the anticheat servers during the game, you may receive a message about disconnection from the game.
    Check your network connection and restart the game. Try restarting your PC.

    If these recommendations did not help, please contact technical support by creating a ticket through the game launcher.

  • Health system


    Your character has a total of 440 health points. You can find the details about your health status in the “Health” tab while in your stash or in raid. 

    Your health points are separated between body parts, each having its own health bar and status. If one of your body parts were injured, you can heal it with a basic medkit (AI-2, IFAK, etc.). Once a body part reaches 0 points in a raid, it remains “blacked out” only within the raid. A blacked out body part has several consequences that you can see below depending on the part impacted. The only way to heal it is to use a surgery kit (see below). If damage is taken to a body part that reached 0, the damage is distributed to other parts of the body at different multiplications. 

    The character has two vital body parts: Head and Thorax. When a vital part reaches 0 health points and takes more damage, the character will die. For example, if the character sustains 36 damages to the head due to a bullet, the character will die. The only exception being bleedings. If the Thorax reaches 0 and a bleeding is still causing health losses, the character will not die.
    When they reach 0 health points, the vital parts can not be healed using a surgery kit, unlike the limbs.


    Head: 35 HP
    Thorax: 85 HP
    Stomach: 70 HP - Reaching 0 HP in this part will cause fast dehydration and starvation of the character.
    Right/Left arm: 60 HP - If the arm has a fracture or is at 0 HP, the character will struggle to use their weapon, it will cause slower aiming, slower weapon change, slower reloading, and tremor effects.
    Right/Left leg: 65 HP - If the leg has a fracture or is at 0 HP, the character will move significantly slower and limp.



    When reaching 0 HP, a part can no longer be healed with standard medicine. A surgery kit is needed to heal the part of the body in a raid (CMS or Surv12). Vital body parts (head and thorax) that reached 0 HP can not be healed in a raid. When healing with a surgery kit in raid, the part of the body will regain 1 health point, meaning that the bleedings must first be healed before applying the surgery kit, otherwise, the regained health point will be lost, and the part will be blacked out again. 

    The only way to heal a blacked out body part without a surgery kit is to extract from the raid. Upon returning to the menu, the parts will automatically recover to at least 1 health point. 

    When the medicine is in the inventory, you can right click and press “USE” to use it. 

    If you decide to press “USE”, it will automatically go to the body part that has the priority. It will prioritize body parts with the most serious injuries, for example, heavy bleedings. In your stash, you can also use the “HEAL ALL” button which will heal every injury of the character that the medicine is capable of healing.

    You can also drag a medicine onto a specific body part you want to heal. 

    You can also put items in the quick access bar at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to use the medkit simply by pressing the key it is bound to (in this case, “4”). 

    To do so, you can either hover your mouse over the medkit and press “4” which will add it to the bar, or drag it to the bar directly.



    During raids, the character can sustain various types of injuries. They can all be healed using specific medicines. The icon of the injury goes next to the body part that is impacted by the injury.

    While in the raid, when taking damage, the health status is shown at the top left of the screen.

    You can manage the way the overlay is displayed in the game settings, like the available color options.

    Below, you will see the different types of injuries with their icons.


     Light bleeding - Causes a slow loss of health points to all the body parts until the bleeding is stopped by using a medicine. All parts of the body can be impacted, and the more bleeding effects the character has, the more intense the bleeding will be. 

     Heavy bleeding - The character leaves blood traces on the ground and it causes a high loss of health to all body parts until stopped by a medicine. Not every medkit capable of stopping a light bleeding is capable of stopping a heavy bleeding. 

     Fresh Wound - Happen as a consequence of healing a heavy bleeding wound. Fresh wounds can cause bleedings again if the character takes damage or sprints for a long time. This status is removed automatically after some time. 

     Fracture - fractures have negative effects on the limb they impact. If a leg is impacted, the character will limp. If it impacts an arm, holding the weapon and aiming will become more complicated, the arms will shake and the speed to aim down sights will be reduced. 

     Stun - Caused by flash grenades or rounds, it removes the ability to hear sounds and also causes a loud ringing. It fades away over time.

     Pain - Comes as a result of various injuries, the vision of the character becomes blurry. 

     Tremor - This effect comes as a result of untreated pain, fractures or blacked out body parts, it causes the vision to become blurry and hands to start shaking.

     Overweight - When the character carries more weight than he is capable of by his skills, the overweight status will appear. The more weight the character carries, the more intense the effects will be. As a result, stamina will decrease faster, the character will make more noise, fall damage will be increased, and walking will consume stamina. 

     Tunnel Vision - Visual effect on the screen causing a tunnel vision, the edges of the screen will become increasingly black. It can be caused by the use of an injector for example.

     Contusion - Caused by impacts such as a bullet hitting a helmet or a grenade exploding near the character, it muffles the sound around the character and causes a ringing noise.

     Flash - Caused by a flash grenade, leading to distorted or black vision. 

     Poisoning - Causes a high amount of health loss to all body parts until treated by a specific medicine. 

     Dehydration - Happens when the character reaches 0 in hydration. At this stage, the character’s vision will start to be blurry, the stamina will be reduced and the health of all limbs will slowly drop. 

     Hard Fatigue - Happens when the character reaches 0 in energy. Energy can be regained by eating. At this stage, the character will lose health every 2 seconds, he will suffer from tunnel vision and the stamina will recover very slowly. 

     Fatigue - Actions are 20% slower



    To heal these injuries, there are different medicines in the game, each with a purpose. 

    At the bottom of your screen, while in the main menu, you can open your handbook. It contains all the items you have inspected so far. Keep in mind that as you progress, you will inspect more items and as such, the handbook will become more complete. 

    You can open this handbook and under the “Medication” category, you can find all the medicine you have discovered so far. From there, clicking on one will show you exactly its purpose, in this case, the CAT Tourniquet, stops heavy bleedings only. 

    You can also find medkits like Grizzly that are capable of treating multiple kinds of injuries like healing fractures, light bleedings, heavy bleedings, and more.

    When in the inventory, you can also see the resource points of the item, like in the image below. In this case, it has 356 points out of 400. Each action takes a determined amount of points, for example, healing a heavy bleeding with this item takes 175 resource points.



    In the health tab and in various item descriptions, you can find effects that are not currently in the game like the following: 

    • Character temperature
    • Biohazard
    • Radiation
    • Blood Pressure
    • Hallucination

    They can not be obtained and do not affect the players currently, their release is planned in future updates. Until then, they can be ignored.

  • Trivial game crashes and fixes.

    Players can face situations where the game can suddenly close itself (with or without any error message) or even experiencing BSOD errors (‘Blue Screen of Death’ or stop errors, that cause the OS to crash and no longer operate safely) that originate a restart of the PC. Those errors have different causes and their possible solutions are described below.


    Please, follow the next steps and try to rerun the game after each one of them:

    1. Make sure that your PC meets the approximate system requirements of the game.
    2. Run the launcher as administrator and set full rights for the current user (folder properties, ‘Security’ tab) for the game folder and for the launcher folder.
    3. Temporarily turn off all antivirus, security programs and firewall, including Windows Defender and all its features.
    4. Check the integrity of game files through the launcher. Please, click on the little arrow pointing downwards right of the ‘Online’ profile status and, in the menu that appears, click on ‘Integrity check’.
    1. Go to the Programs section of the Control Panel in Windows, search Escape from Tarkov, right click and press ‘Uninstall’. Then, please, download the game through your profile page and fresh install it.
    2. Try downloading and installing the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework. In the link provided, please download the recommended version and follow the instructions provided in the installer.
    3. Install all Windows updates available in the Update Center.
    4. Install the latest drivers for all your devices.
    5. Check the system disk and game disk with the utility Chkdsk.
      1. Open command prompt by clicking Start and typing “cmd”, please use right click and “Run as Administrator”.
      2. Type chkdsk X: (where X is a drive with OS installed) in the black console and press the key.
      3. If there are errors found, please repair them following the instructions provided in this link.
      4. Do the same manipulations, typing instead of “X” the disc drive where the game is installed.


    Please, follow the next steps and try to rerun the game after each one of them:

    1. Run the launcher as administrator and set full rights for the current user (folder properties, ‘Security’ tab) for the game folder and for the launcher folder.
    2. Temporarily turn off all antivirus, security programs and the firewall in the system, including Windows Defender and all its features.
    3. Check the integrity of game files through the launcher. Please, click on the little arrow pointing downwards right of the ‘Online’ profile status and, in the menu that appears, click on ‘Integrity check’.
    4. Go to the Programs section of the Control Panel in Windows, search Escape from Tarkov, right click and press ‘Uninstall’. Then, please, download the game through your profile page and fresh install it.
    5. Set the swap file minimum and maximum valours to x1.5 the amount of RAM your PC has and always to a maximum of 30-50 GB. Please, make sure the swap file is only located in just one of your drives (SSD type). For further information, please consult the Microsoft tutorial.
    6. Disable any overclocking configured in your PC (CPU, GPU or RAM).
    7. Check that the XMP profile is configured correctly in the BIOS of your PC. Please, refer to the motherboard manufacturer manual for specific details on memory overclocking, as it may change from product to product.
    8. Do a clean installation of the latest version of your GPU drivers, delete the current versions using DDU software.
    9. Try a clean boot to discard that any other program is interfering with the game process.

    If the issue persists, please create a ticket via the launcher and add log files. Also, please add crash logs placed at %LocalAppData%\Temp\Battlestate Games\EscapeFromTarkov\Crashes



    Please, cautiously follow the next steps and check if the issue persists after each one of them:

    1. Remove any overclocking of your PC components.
    2. Update the drivers of all your PC components.
    3. Install all Windows updates available in Update Center.
    4. Update BIOS and motherboard drivers to the latest version.
    5. Clean your PC components from dust and dirt that can lead to overheating. Please, make sure that all PC components are not overheating.
    6. Check Windows Event Log in order to find any related issues in the OS. You can learn how to review those errors in the Microsoft tutorial along with its fixes. If you need assistance with the process, please contact a local IT. This information can also be useful for further troubleshooting with Microsoft support service.
    7. Check that your PSU is correctly running and there is not any connection problem in the cables.
    8. If you have recently installed any new component, please check if it is correctly installed or properly working, try using the previously installed one. Search for expert local IT assistance if it is needed for this operation.

    If none of the steps provided above help you, please contact Microsoft support service.

  • Constantly getting disconnected from game servers, what to do?

    The game server in this article is the server that the player connects to when entering the raid. The article may not fully apply to other servers involved in the Escape from Tarkov project.

    Escape from Tarkov has high requirements for the quality of the Internet connection due to its dynamics.

    Disconnection from the game server can occur for reasons that make it impossible to synchronize the game servers and the game client due to a large loss of network packets or a large delay between them.

    There can be many reasons for this problem, and most often the disconnection occurs due to a connection to a non-optimal server selected by the player in the launcher. We recommend using automatic server selection in the launcher or selecting multiple servers with the fastest response time.

    Sometimes the problem can only occur when you're playing in a group, and be absent in solo raids: a feature of Escape from Tarkov is a shared lobby for all players which allows players from different regions to play together. The game server for a group of players is determined by the leader of the group - the optimal free server is selected from the list that the leader of the group selected in the launcher. This server will be optimal for the leader of the group, but may have an excessive response time for other players who are farther away geographically. For example, an attempt to enter a group raid of players from Moscow and Australia has little chance of success: it will be very difficult to find a server that is equally good for both players, and one of them may experience disconnection from the server in the raid.

    For solo raids, determine the servers that are most suitable for you. Set all players in the group to have an identical set of servers in the launcher - in this case, you will have a predictable response time from the servers used in the raid, regardless of who becomes the leader of the group.

    If you have issues with disconnecting from game servers, check the following list step by step:

    1. Check the game news channels and messages in the launcher - there may be maintenance work on the game servers. In such cases, the raid time may be reduced, or the servers will be completely shut down and the players will be disconnected from the servers - this is not a problem and is intentional.
    2. Check the Game Server status page, which is available on the official game website by clicking the SERVICES button: 


    It displays the current status of key game services responsible for various components of the game, as well as recent status statistics. 

    If there are problems with any of the game services, the color of its indicator will differ from green. For example, if the color of the Trading service is orange, this means that there is a chance of encountering problems with the work of Traders and the Flea Market in the game.

    1. Often, a disconnection problem can occur when using a wireless WiFi network to connect a computer to a home router, if the quality of this connection is poor. It's simple to check this by connecting the PC to the router with a network cable - this will eliminate the influence of the wireless network on the quality of communication;
    2. One of the possible reasons for disconnection from the game servers may be the use of a VPN by the player: when using a VPN, the path to the Internet traversed by network packets becomes longer. As a rule, this leads to a decrease in the quality of the connection and may lead to problems with the quality of the network connection in the game.

    If you are using a VPN, try disabling it before launching the game and entering new raids.

    1. If your Internet connection is very slow, or it is overloaded with downloading any data (watching movies, downloading other games, using torrent, etc.), then this may negatively affect the connection to game servers. If the server does not receive responses from the game client within the allotted time, the server may drop the connection, which will disconnect the player from the current raid.

    When playing the game, disable all applications that can create a high load on your Internet connection.

    1. Disconnection from game servers can be caused by a low-performance PC that has specs at or below the minimum recommended level for the game, and cannot process game data received from game servers in a timely manner.

    A slow PC can also be indicated by a very long loading time into the raid and disconnection from the game server almost immediately after the character deployed on the game location. Most often, this occurs on large locations (Shoreline, Lighthouse, Woods), while playing on Factory does not cause disconnection problems.

    Close applications running in the background to reduce the load on the PC.

    1. If these recommendations did not help, please contact technical support by creating a ticket via the game launcher.

  • Can’t select a language or accept the license agreement in-game

    If after starting the Game the button for confirming the selected language or the button for accepting the agreement can't be clicked, then use the following steps to solve the problem:

    • Set full rights for the current user for the game folder and the launcher folder. Open the properties of the corresponding folder, on the "Security" tab, click "Edit", select your current Windows user from the list, check all the items in the "Allow" column. 

    Temporarily disable all antivirus and security software such as Windows Defender, or add the launcher and game to the whitelist (exclusion list).To add the game to the exclusion list, open the Windows Security program, click on the “Virus & Threat Protection” tab, scroll down to the “Virus and Threat Protection Settings” section, click on “Manage Settings”, scroll down again to the “Exclusions”, click on “Add or Remove Exceptions”, then click on the “Add an exclusion” button.



  • How to report a bug (issue)?

    To properly report a bug, it is important to provide all the information for developers to reproduce it.

    To better report a bug within the game, try to explain as if you were explaining it to someone who never played the game. While some details may seem obvious for you, it is needed for us to have all the information to not jump to false conclusions.

    It will be needed to have a clear description of what the issue is, how to reproduce it (if it can be reproduced), and illustrate it with images or a video. On top of it, the date and time of its occurrence as well as logs will be needed. When creating a new request, your session logs will be attached with the request:

    When reporting a bug in the launcher, you will find reproduction steps to add to the report:

    These steps are crucial to better understand what you did to make the bug happen. Even the most normal action can be important to mention here to reproduce it. 

    If you encountered a bug where your hands were stuck and you could not interact anymore, it is important to mention all the actions you did prior to the bug. Including actions like healing, opening the inventory, closing the inventory.

    Adding an illustration showing the issue

    An illustration is crucial to show the issue, to do so, you can use the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This will save a screenshot of your game to the “\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\Screenshots” folder at your computer. The name of this screenshot will include coordinates of the location where you took it on in the map. The image must be in a good quality, not too dark or in low resolution, to properly see the content.

    If you couldn't upload the picture via the launcher, we recommend using Google Drive. You can upload an image by logging into your Google account. We recommend uploading it as “unlisted”, this will allow only the person with the link to access the image and no one else. This may be necessary if, for example, if you want to hide personal information or an exploit from being used by other players. Then share the link with us in a report. If "Restricted Access" is set, then we will not be able to see it, even if we have a link.

    If the problem cannot be fully shown on the picture (screenshot), then please, try to create a video.

    Users of Nvidia graphics cards can easily record video by using Nvidia's special software - GeForce Experience (using the "Record" or "Instant Replay" functions). And an Adrenaline for AMD GPU users.
    The Instant Replay feature allows you to record up to 20 minutes of your recent gameplay. If an error occurs and you are not actively recording at the time, this allows you to save the video with the problem after it occurs.

    To share the video, we highly recommend using YouTube/Google Drive. You can upload your videos by logging into YouTube or Google Drive with your Google account. We recommend to publish as “unlisted” access, this will allow access to the video only to the one who has the link, and no one else. This may be necessary if, for example, you want to hide personal information or an exploit from being used by other players. Share the link to the video in your report. If “Restricted access” is set, then we will not be able to watch the video, even if we have a direct link.

    You can track your request and continue the correspondence at the support section on our site https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support “My requests” button.
    IMPORTANT: to look through your requests, you have to be logged in.

    Examples of complete bug reports

    Problem related to boss behavior

    If the bug you wish to report relates to Killa attacking you as a scav when you had a good reputation with Fence, reporting it as shown here is not enough:
    “Killa killed me even though I did not attack him”.

    To make sure it is a bug, please provide all the information as if you were explaining it to someone who never played the game. In this case, the above report leads to the following questions : 

    • Were you playing as a Scav?
    • Were you really killed by Killa or by something/someone else? 
    • Did you really not attack the boss, for example, by accident with a grenade?
    • Did you have a good enough reputation with Fence? 

    As a result, a complete report of this problem would be:
    “I was playing Scav in Interchange, and was attacked by the Scav boss Killa, although I never attacked him. My Fence reputation is 6.05. I didn't do anything to provoke him, didn't attack other Scavs."
    Attached to this message, a video showing the full raid and the death screen and end raid statistics.

    With it, we will be able to make sure it was indeed a bug, and not a possible intended consequence of the way this system works. 


    Problem where an airdrop became stuck in the air and could not be looted

    Such a problem is tied to the map you encounter this issue on. For it, an image is enough. When taking a screenshot with Print Screen in the game, the image is saved in “\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\Screenshots” folder at your computer and has, as its name, the coordinates of the location it was taken at. As such, this image with its original name, clearly showing the airdrop being stuck, in full screen, during day time (not night time which would make it hard to see), is important. In the case below, it is obvious that the location is Customs, though in some cases, it may not be. As such, it is also important to mention that you had this issue on Customs.

    A good description would be:
    "During my raid on Customs, an Airdrop came and landed on a fence, high above the ground. As such, it was floating and I could not loot the airdrop."
    The description is short but contains all the information. Then attach the image with the coordinates in its name.


    Problems where the hands of the character are stuck and can not interact: 

    This is an example of a problem that can be caused by a large number of actions. Not only one action can lead to this result, which is why it is important for this problem to be reported, to be sure all the possible causes of this issue are known and some are not missed. To report such a problem, it will be important to provide the steps you did to reproduce it. In this case, a clear video showing not only the bug itself, but also all the steps you did before, will be needed. For example, possible ways to get to this bug include reloading, moving items in the inventory, using hand gestures or a combination of multiple of these actions.

    A good example of description for this problem would be:
    "I have experienced a bug where my hands would be stuck like shown in the video. Upon having it, I could not interact or do anything but run and open my inventory. I encountered this problem right after reloading my guns and opening my inventory. I have had this issue multiple times with the MDR 7.62x51 in particular."
    And attach a video of this problem.


    Problems where objects are disappearing at a certain distance (culling)

    For optimization purposes, not all objects are rendered at once in the levels, though only objects that are out of your field of view are supposed to do so. Sometimes, it can happen that such objects disappear in your field of view, which is a bug. On the image below, for example, the walls inside the building are not rendering when they should, leaving the interior completely visible. In all cases, an image showing this issue will be needed. When taking the image with Print Screen in the game, the image will save in your documents folder with the coordinates of the location it was taken at. These coordinates will also be needed as well as the name of the location it was taken on, which is not included in the image (for example here, Customs). Such a problem must be reported through the launcher - game logs will be automatically attached to bug- report, including the settings that are necessary to study this problem. When sending a report through the site - please attach a screenshot of the graphics settings to the appeal, showing the parameters of overall visibility and texture quality that you have set.

    A good example of description for this problem would be:
    "On customs at the location shown on a screenshot, when scoping in on the third floor of the dorms across the windows, the walls and objects don’t render, allowing me to see across the building."


    Visual problem:

    To report a visual problem, we will need an image or a video if it can’t be captured on an image. The visual problem could be of various kinds, in this example, there are multiple texture and lighting problems. It can be hard to identify what is causing the problem, which is why we will need as much information on everything that is susceptible to cause this issue, such as : 

    • A screenshot of your graphics and postfx settings in the game
    • An image or video showing this issue from multiple point of views (in different maps for example if it happens on all maps)
    • Does the issue happen in multiple graphics settings such as high, medium and low?

    This information can highly help to identify the cause of this problem. 

    A good description of this issue would be:
    "Whenever I start a raid and spawn on the map, my graphics and lights are glitched as shown in the image. I have this problem on all maps, both night and day time. I have encountered this problem since the last update of the game. Other players in my group don’t have this issue."

    In this case, this issue was related to game files and graphic corruption, and was fixed after local verification on the computer.


    Trading problems:

    This error is an example of error that can happen when trying to trade. In this example, the transaction could not have been completed because an error occurred. To report such a problem, it is important to mention if you have an error message or not, and if you do, provide an image of it in full screen, also showing the level of your character, the trader’s reputation, money spent. etc. All this information is valuable to understand what the issue may be.

    A good description of this problem would be:
    "When trying to purchase an RSASS from Peacekeeper, I encountered this error message. The trade I tried to do was the one with the dogtags. Upon clicking “deal”, the error returned. I don’t experience this problem all the time, but I had it twice in the last 15 min. The error doesn’t force my game to close."
    This description with the image is clear, it provides all the information such as what is the error, how often you have it, what you do to have it, when you have it, etc.

    In this case, for example, this error was caused by a backend overload, it was fixed 15min after upon restarting the game.

    Why are bug reports useful for developers

    For us, complete bug reports like the ones shown above are highly appreciated, but also very much needed to be able to be understood and reproduced by developers, and as a result, fix the problem. 

    With all the information about a problem, developers spend less time looking for ways to reproduce a problem, identify how major it is and what is causing it, therefore, also spend less time fixing the problem. While it highly reduces the amount of time spent on a problem, it does not mean an issue that is easy to reproduce will be fixed fast as it also depends on how impactful it is on the game and how blocking it is to the experience.

    You can track your request and continue the correspondence at the support section on our site https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support “My requests” button.
    IMPORTANT: to look through your requests, you have to be logged in.

  • Trading system

    The trading system in Escape from Tarkov plays a significant role, without which you cannot survive. You can buy almost everything, from matches to high-end equipment and large ammo/food containers, etc.

     At the moment, the trading system is presented in the form of eight traders and the Flea Market trading platform.

    Each of the traders represents their own category of goods, like medicine, military or hunting equipment, weapons and attachments for them. The progress of the trader is divided into Loyalty Levels (4 in total), with the increase of which they provide an extended list of goods or services. In order to increase traders' Loyalty Levels, a number of conditions must be met:

    • Total money spent with the trader;
    • Character’s level;
    • Reputation level with the trader;  

    For example, for the second Loyalty Level with Prapor, you need to increase the character’s level to 15 and raise the reputation with Prapor to 0.20, as well as spend 750 thousand rubles in total (it doesn’t matter whether you buy goods from the trader or sell to them). To successfully increase the Loyalty Level, each of the criteria must be met.

    You can increase the level of reputation by completing tasks that can be obtained from traders. Also, upgraded versions of the game offer an increased level of reputation already at the start of the playthrough.

    Flea Market trading:

    Before level 15, Flea Market only has the items from traders, while the full features of Flea Market unlock after your character reaches level 15.
    On Flea Market, you can purchase required items sold by other players and traders, and also sell or barter items yourself.

    Which items can be sold/bartered? 

    You can only sell/barter items with the “Found in raid” tag. What does this mean? If an item has a “checkmark” in the bottom right corner of its icon, then this item is found in raid and can be sold or bartered on Flea Market. If the item doesn’t have the “checkmark”, then you won’t be able to sell/barter it on Flea Market.


    Items that can be sold/bartered: 


    Items that cannot be sold/bartered:


    Trading with Fence:

    Fence stands out from other traders with his unique mechanics. To increase reputation with him, you need to play as a Scav, as well as perform some specific activities when playing as a PMC. Upon reaching reputation 6.0, it becomes possible to buy items lost by players in raids, if they were not insured or looted by other players.

    What is needed to increase reputation with Fence? 

    • Successfully extracting from a raid as a Scav;
    • Completing tasks as a Scav;
    • Helping Scavs;
    • Co-op extracting with a PMC as a Scav and vice versa;
    • Using a vehicle extraction as a PMC;

    You can also decrease your reputation with Fence. When playing as a Scav, if you kill AI or other Player Scavs (unless they shoot and hit you first), your reputation will decrease. 

    Trading types in Escape from Tarkov:

    1. Standard trading - with in-game traders on the “Money for an item” principle.

    2. Barter - with in-game traders on the “Item for an item” principle.

    3. Flea Market – trading with other live players for money and for items. 


    If you cannot buy something from a trader (the “Deal” button does not appear at the top of the screen), but you have the required currency or items, then try one of the following methods:

    1. Click the blue button at the bottom of the screen. This will make the game automatically fill in the necessary items, if you have them.

    2. You can check the box next to the “Fill items” button and the game will always fill in the necessary items automatically. We recommend this method.

    3. Manually transfer the items needed for trading from your stash to the appropriate windows. This is useful if you want to give a certain item to a merchant (for example, PMC dogtags of a certain level).

    After you fill in the necessary items, the “Deal” button will appear at the top. By clicking it, you will make a transaction and the purchased items will appear in your stash.

  • Insurance system

    Due to the fact that in the Escape From Tarkov project, the death of your character means the loss of all equipment that was brought into the raid, the Player has the opportunity to return, in part or in full, their belongings using an in-game service called “Insurance”.
    This service is provided by in-game traders Prapor and Therapist.

    Players can insure any item except consumables (Ammo, Provision, Grenades, Medicine). Besides that, the cost and return time of insurance depends on the choice of the trader and their attitude towards the Player. 

    Players can insure items in two ways:

    • Go to stash from the game’s main menu, right mouse click the needed item, and click the “Insure” button in the opened window

    Next, in the new window, you can see the total cost of the insurance, the approximate return time, and, if needed, an ability to change the trader that will insure your item.

    • You have to go to the raid (Escape from Tarkov button in the main menu), select your PMC character, then a location, after which the insurance menu will open. The choice of a trader who will provide insurance is in menu 1. Next, you can insure part of your items by clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate item and confirming the choice by clicking the “Insure” button at the bottom of the screen. It's also possible to insure all items at once by ticking the appropriate box in menu 2. The second option is most convenient for instant insurance of all items before starting a raid.

    If the Player insured their equipment, went to a location and subsequently the character was killed, then there is a possibility that some or all of the items that were insured will be returned.
    Items are returned only if nobody looted them after the death of the character and before the end of the game session. Items are also not returned if the character went “Missing in Action”. This status is assigned to Players who did not leave the location before the in-game timer expired.

    The Player can take items that were returned via the Insurance using in-game mail, in the dialogue with the appropriate trader. After the items are returned, a 24-hour timer starts. If the Player did not have time to take their equipment from the trader before the end of the timer, the items will be irrevocably lost.

  • Technical Recommendations

    Escape from Tarkov is in development and the project team is actively improving the situation with the optimization and stability of the project, reworking existing solutions and adding new ones, such as Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR.

    To improve the gaming experience, we offer the following recommendations:

    • Try different graphics settings and options to find the right profile for your computer.
    • The "Use only physical cores" option will exclude the use of virtual processor cores and may improve the situation for some processor models.
    • At the moment the game is demanding on the processor (CPU) of the computer, so make sure that you have a powerful processor of the new generations installed.
    • Disable any third-party applications that may consume processing power (CPU) or random access memory (RAM).
    • Lower resolution textures reduce RAM consumption.
    • Using a page file instead of random access memory (RAM) is not recommended, since reading and writing to the hard disk drive (HDD) creates friezes. It is acceptable to use an SSD for the swap file.
    • Disabling the option "Preload hideout" will reduce the game start time, but will increase the transition time to the hideout. Use the Preload Shelter option if you have 16GB or more of RAM.
    • Using Resampling (image scaling) to reduce the render image (0.75, 0.5) will help with performance, but will degrade the quality of the image on the screen.
    • Enabling PostFX takes more time to render a frame and is not recommended to be enabled if you have a weak PC.
    • Mip Streaming option reduces video memory consumption. It is recommended to use only when the swap file is configured (page file) on the SSD.

  • Offline raids

    Offline raid is a special game mode that allows you to practice before entering online raids.

    Such raid takes place without the game server, other players, and your character does not lose anything, but does not gain anything either. For this type of raid there is no insurance, character progress, quests. For the convenience of exploring a location or training a shooting skill, you can adjust the number of wild AIs and their difficulty, as well as turn bosses on or off.

    To enter an offline raid - after the location selection screen, you need to check the checkbox for enabling offline raid, select the desired raid settings.


    For owners of the Edge of Darkness pre-order kit, the possibility of offline raids as a group is available. The conditions are the same as in a regular offline raid, the progress of all players is reset after raid end.

    To enter an offline raid with other players, you need to check the "cooperative mode" checkbox. In cooperative mode, all settings for bots, bosses, time and weather are the same like in online raids.

    An additional feature - the “start with a group” checkbox, allows all players in the group to start on a common spawn point in the center of the location. When the checkbox is disabled, spawning will occur as in online mode.

    The number of players in the group for the "co-op mode" has been increased and depends on the maximum number of players in the selected location.

  • How to download the game?

    Before downloading the game, make sure that

    • There is enough space on your computer to download and install the launcher and game
    • You have a registered website account https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/ (and you are logged in with correct account)
    • You have purchased one of the pre-orders for Escape from Tarkov, which gives you access to the game.

    To download the game, you need to go to your profile page at https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/.
    On the profile page, at the bottom there is an "install" button, by clicking on which, you will download the Launcher, which is necessary for downloading, updating and running the game.

    Install the launcher on your computer. Please note that the Launcher and the Game are different programs and must be installed in different folders.
    After installation, you will need to use your current account details (email and password) to log into the Launcher.

    On the Launcher screen, you should see the "install" button, when you click on it, the installation of the game begins. If, instead of the "install" button, you see the "buy" button, then you need to make sure that you are using the correct account that has the Escape from Tarkov pre-order purchased. If everything is correct, but there is no "install" button - contact support https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support

    Good luck in raids!

  • Return of ingame items

    Unfortunately, the return of in-game items or compensation is not possible, regardless of the reason for the loss, for technical reasons.

    Please note that the project is under development and any situations may arise that may lead to the loss of ingame items.

    You can report to the support department all the circumstances of the loss of items, if it was caused by a bug or malfunction of the game, in order to further correct the problem.

    Thank you for your understanding, good luck with your raids!

  • Cheaters, Hackers, users and developers of Forbidden Software

    Cheaters, Hackers - players who use "Prohibited Software", which in any way affects the game client from the user's side, modifying game files, extracting data from the project, etc. The use of such programs violates the license agreement clause 4.3.4. In case of violation of this clause, the user may be partially or completely terminates access to the Escape from Tarkov project, its forum and other social platforms, without prior notification. Most of the detected violators receive a permanent block of the account.

    To counter such users, Battlestate Games uses Battleye anti-cheat, as well as its own internal anti-cheat measures and systems. Any measures to counter players and developers of "Prohibited Software" are constantly being improved, due to the constant modification and changes in the "Prohibited Software" by their developers.

    If you detect suspicious activity of players in the raid, you can use the in-game "report a violation" functionality. The functionality is available on the raid-end screen, when your character dies, next to the name of the character who killed your character.

    Developers welcome the transfer of files and licenses for "Prohibited Software", for further study and improvement of anti-cheat systems. You can write a support ticket and attach all the necessary data.

  • Progression reset or "Wipe"

    The Escape from Tarkov project is under development, this is why, approximately once in 4 months, progress of all players resets and so called "wipes" are organized.

    Progress reset or "wipe" is the reset of all player game profiles to the starting point, when it is necessary to choose the PMC faction, appearance and voice of the character once again. All progress, everything that was obtained by the game character is irrevocably lost.

    For the development team, wipes serve several purposes, one of which is balancing changes to bring the project closer to the way it should be on release. Not only trade, characteristics and availability of items are subject to balancing, but also adjustments of parameters based on community feedback after the release of new game features. Other reasons are technical. For part of the community, "wipes" have become an opportunity to experience new game experience, in new conditions and with new game features.

    After the game release, the "wipes" of the main character will stop, but the "wipes" will not disappear completely - they can be left as a seasonal mechanic,

    Each player has the opportunity to independently reset their progress through the site profile, there is a time limit on such resets that does not allow the player to make an unlimited number of wipes in a short period of time.

  • Errors 502 и 504

    502 and 504 errors in the launcher and on the site appear with a strong overload or a complete server shutdown. Check the news from the developers at the official news channels, wait a few minutes, and try to reconnect.

  • Error 605 - No servers available

    Usually, this error appears in the case of updating game servers. Also, it can appear with high server load, when there are no free servers to connect for new players. Check the news from the developers on the official news channels, wait a few minutes, and try to reconnect.

  • Error 201 - Not authorized or not selected game profile

    This error appears after the connection break between server and a game client. Server turned off the connection with the game client, but the game cliend didn't restarted and trying to retrieve the connection.

    At this point, to fix it, you need to restart the game using the launcher

  • Issues with running the game and launcher

    If the application shuts displaying erro­r0xc0000005, you can fix it by doing one of the following:

    1. Reinstall DirectX us­ing web installer.

    2. Launch the registry cleaner program — the error may be caused by the errors in the registry.

    3. Ensure the Launcher application has been added to the antivi­rus program’s except­ion list.

    4. If you haven’t insta­lled an antivirus pr­ogram on your PC, the error may be caused by virus. Please use Dr.Web CureIt! free utility.

    5. Revise the RAM modul­es: ensure there is permissible amount of RAM on your comput­er. If you inserted new module recently please replace it and check if the error remains. The random access memory may also be checked by us­ing MemTest86 progra­m.

    6. The error may also be caused by incorrec­tly installed augmen­tative devices. Try to run the appli­cation under another Windows profile.