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  • We'd like to present to your attention a short video report about our visit to Molot Ordnance LLC in Vyatskiye Polyany, Russia (formerly known as VPMZ Molot JSC), where we have recorded footage and sound of shots to use in Escape from Tarkov.
  • We are happy to inform that the Escape from Tarkov testing has entered the extended Alpha stage. It is a new, more advanced stage, a lot of new features are introduced to the game, and even more pre-order package owners will be granted the access to testing!
  • 2016.12.26 Neujahrsrabatt!
    Liebe Freunde! Escapers! Es ist uns eine Freude, den Beginn eines Neujahrsrabents auf allen Escape from Tarkov Pre-Order-Pakete bekannt zu geben. Es wird in der Tat nur vom 26. Dezember bis 2. Januar 2017, und bietet 20% Rabatt auf den Preis aller Pakete. Verpassen Sie nicht!