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The Escape from Tarkov-based forum text RPG has started!

The Escape from Tarkov-based forum text RPG has started!

Dear friends! We are pleased to inform you about the start of the Escape from Tarkov forum text roleplay game. The action takes place in Norvinsk region and the city of Tarkov.
You will get an opportunity to put yourself in shoes of the man thrown by a twist of fate into the maelstrom of events in special economic zone of the Russian Federation, where the situation is getting more and more complicated every day.

Never-ending combat in the streets of Tarkov has caused the mass panic among the citizens, who, for the most part, left the city. The rest are ganging up, waging the tough fights for control over the city. The gain-greedy thugs stop at nothing, even murder of civilians and direct confrontations with two private military companies leave them undaunted.

In the text roleplay game you can blend the reality and fantasy, immersing yourself the tense ambience of this region. How did you find yourself in Tarkov? What is your background? What are the milestones of your virtual biography? The rewards and fights? These and many other questions you will have to answer while creating your character.
After obtaining the standard starting equipment you, either solo or in group, can step into the multi-sector map of Tarkov through one of the entrance points. What is in store for you in one sector or another? Who knows! You can get ideas about it by reading the intercepted messages, using the bulletin or overhearing the talks and rumors in the mercenaries’ bar.

The main goal of the game is evident and the same as in Escape from Tarkov – escaping from Tarkov. How it can be done? Every person has to solve this problem on his own. As a first step, you’ll have to get used to circumstances and get used to survive in this tight spot, find the trusty partners, high-quality equipment and weapons, establish useful business contacts among the groups. You will be offered to complete regularly changing tasks, some of which could bring you hefty rewards, and the sudden violent encounters and firefights, directed by the special combat system will keep you entertained!

At the service you’ll have a weapon and gear shop, a character provided with equipment and weapons, and a game master that will inform you on the results of your moves.

 We’ll glad to answer your questions if there would be any after the first reading.

The text RPG was created only with efforts of the Community Department with a little aid from the game writer, while the rest of Escape from Tarkov developers are still very busy developing the core game.

Now, we are inviting you to join the world of Tarkov in our new text forum RPG! 

In order to enter to the game panel of the text RPG - click here. New text RPG forum.

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