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We are pleased to present to you the patch

This is one of several patches aimed at fixing technical issues of the game. The content patches are in the process of being released.




  • Additional small passage area at the Customs
  • Extended spawn area in the outskirts of the Woods
  • New ammo 7.62x51 мм M61 (armor piercing) 7.62x51 мм M62 (tracer)

AI Improvements:

  • Bots now correctly close the doors that hinder their passage
  • Fixed the bug that allowed bots to occupy the same position
  • Reduced accuracy of AI grenade throws


  • Server performance optimization
  • Skills tab loading optimization
  • Minor optimization of locations


  • Server errors potentially leading to disconnects and desync
  • Bug that changed the extraction points after reconnect
  • Bug that displayed “The price has been changed" error while trading
  • Perception skill progress is now counted properly for long in-raid times
  • Bug with SMG skill ergonomics bonus
  • Bug with Sniper Rifle skill recoil bonus
  • Correct item examining speed bonus
  • Bug with looting sound hangup
  • Bug related to profile processing on reconnect
  • Bug in helmet level-dependent earpiece functioning
  • Bug related to profile saving
  • Redesigned player spawn points at the Woods location
  • Visual and functional fixes of locations
  • Bug that prevented the second beacon installation attempt if the character was killed during the first one
  • Adjustments of the quest mechanics
  • Quest skill level requirement detection bug
  • Bug with insurance disappearing
  • A number of bugs related to the screens’ overlapping
  • Part of the bugs associated with hands deadlocking while opening doors
  • Various effects fixes
  • Adjusted helper point of the Attention skill (not shown while aiming, works only with single loot items)
  • Various fixes associated with sounds
  • Minor interface fixes
  • Bug fixes that affect performance
  • Now, killing members of your own group during group raid won't affect the progress of quests with kills goal
  • Bug that caused a group of players to spawn on each other's heads


  • Perception skill now increases with objects that you have picked up, not just discovered
  • The game can now only be ran through the launcher
  • Added window mode selection to the launcher settings (exclusive fullscreen, borderless)
  • Pressing O once now displays the session end timer, pressing it twice shows the list of extraction points
  • 10 minutes before the end of the raid, the timer will turn red
  • Added high ping notification (upper right corner). It will be displayed if the ping exceeds 100
  • Added sequential subquest display. E.g. once you’ve obtained the quest item and thus completed the respective subtask, you get to see the next subtask “Exit the location”