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On results of the New Year Event

On results of the New Year Event

The Escape from Tarkov New Year event that has significantly increased server load was just ended. Thanks to to this event, we were able to uncover a number of issues that could have occurred at the start of the Open Beta. We’d like to express our sincere gratitude for your participation and shed some light on its results:

  • EFT online record was beaten by several times;
  • During the whole event, the project stayed on the main Twitch page, with numerous players and streamers joining the game;
  • We have managed to reveal several architecture and functional issues caused by or related to server load;
  • We were able to perform a quality and quantity assessment of the required server base expansion in different regions. New servers are already being ordered to ensure the minimum matching wait time;
  • Detected a number of bugs and mistakes that could only occur during such mass testing. The nearest patch will be concerned primarily with rectifying them and improving performance;
  • Taken into consideration a number of your ideas regarding the gameplay improvements;
  • Soon after the next patch we’ll be able to determine a precise Open Beta start date.

Everyone, thank you very much for your help — and see you in Tarkov!

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