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FAQ related to the pre-orders

FAQ related to the pre-orders

Dear players, we've put together another FAQ with most important questions related to the game pre-orders.
We would like to remind you that Escape from Tarkov is NOT a Free-to-play project. There will be NO microtransactions. You will only pay once in order to buy the game.

Q: When will the game be released on Steam?
A: Awhile after the game is released our own platform.

Q: Could you please tell us a rough date of the Alpha test, so we could understand, should we buy packs with Alpha test now?
A: First quarter of 2016.

Q: Will alpha and beta tests be conducted in Steam or in a separate game client?
A: Separate game client.

Q: Do you mean that if I didn’t pre-order the game, I won’t have access to the Beta?
A: You have a chance to gain access to the Beta, if you subscribed to the news site through the Sign Up form.
Pre-order provides guaranteed access to the Beta test.

Q: I would like to preorder the game, but what are the system requirements?
A: System requirements will be published early next year, in the beginning of January. Please stay tuned for updates.

Q: If I preorder after the beta has started, do I still have guaranteed access?
A: You will get access to be beta if it is underway.

Q: When will you start to give away beta-test access?
A: Giveaway of the Beta-testing access will start when we will announce the date of Beta-testing.

Q: Are we going to be able to buy all the packs with bonuses after the game release?
A: No, after release there will be other packs, with lesser bonuses.

Q: Will there be Alpha / Beta tests for Mac?
A: Sure, after the PC release.

Q: Tell me please, after Alpha and Beta tests are over, will the price of the game be lowered?
A: Possibly, the game will have a discount right after release.

Q: Will the game be accessible through Steam on Alpha/Beta stage? Or is it first test, then release on Steam? If the latter, will it be possible to link the game account to my Steam account?
A: Yes, there will be testing in Steam. As for the linking of your game account to your Steam account, the details are still unknown, however, the client version of the game will be played on the same servers as the Steam version.

Q: Will there be a retail edition of the game?
A: Yes, there will be retail edition.

Q: Can you please tell me if there is going to be a Collector’s Edition/Gift Box set of the game, when can we expect it, and how much will it approximately cost?
A: There will be a Collector’s/Gift edition after the game release, along with the regular retail version, but the price is not yet determined.

Q: Is this the final price?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it matter if i register my account in the USA and then buy the game in Europe?
A: It does matter, the region of purchase is the region where the game will work.

Q: Is there going to be a planned progress wipe, and, if yes, at what testing stage?
A: There will be progress wipes during both alpha and beta stages but, of course, players who pre-ordered the game, will come to release with their respective equipment sets.

Q: What is a unique in-game ID?
A: A unique symbol before the username, unique appearance of the player card and, probably, a unique player appearance (face or head).

Q: What is a unique secure container for?
A: You can use it to store items you don’t want to lose in case of death in the raid.

Q: What additional equipment and resources will be there in a stash?
A: The exact contents is yet to be determined, but it will contain food, medical supplies, ammo, weapon parts and trading items.

Q: How is the large field backpack different from the standard one?
A: It has more inventory slots.

Q: Is a tactical combat tomahawk is just another melee weapon skin, or it is somehow different from the standard melee weapon?
A: It is different. All melee weapons in the game are different and have their own unique characteristics.

Q: Better standing with all traders, what does it mean?
A: Traders will treat you better, offer better prices and a larger selection of goods.

Q: More money at the start is how much more, exactly?
A: 2-3 times more than in the standard edition.

Q: A giant stash size is 10x60, but how large is the standard stash?
A: The standard stash is 10?20.

Q: Improved starting equipment and inventory, what is the difference from the standard one?
A: Standard set of equipment will be given to those who buy the game after its release. It contains a limited quantity of some basic items. E.g., the standard set will contain 1 PM mag, and improved set will contain 2 mags and a box of ammo.

Q: How soon will early unlock be available before the official release?
A: 3 to 10 days.

Q: I wonder if the more expensive editions are worth it? What is the point of enhanced starting inventory if I can lose it all in the very first firefight?
A: Although it is possible to lose everything, but only if you take everything with you, without leaving anything in the stash, which is not physically possible.

Q: Are we able to upgrade the stash later, or is it an pre-order feature only?
A: It is possible to improve the ingame stash in time if the necessary conditions are met.

Sincerely, BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED develop team.