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Dear friends, we are happy to present to your attention the patch notes for update to Escape from Tarkov Beta!

This is an intermediate update, which will be soon augmented with yet another one, which will improve all the features you have seen at Gamescom 2017.


  • Quests, first batch of story-based tasks available through Tasks tab in trader interface
  • Gesture and voice comes system (partially)
  • Now character has collision with grass
  • Notification on the current firing mode on weapon when switching and/or checking firing mode
  • PP Vityaz
  • Grenade fragments physics system
  • New armor damage calculation formulae

Redesigned PMC hands in first-person
- PMC character voice selection in game settings. Two voice options for every PMC character.

AI Improvements:

  • Added smooth turns
  • Improved cover-seeking algorithm 
  • Fixed a part of staircase-stuck bugs
  • Fixed bug that caused excessive patrol point switching
  • Fixed bug that prevented bots from reaching the patrol point
  • Added aim shift on receiving damage
  • Added new R&R waypoints for bots and alternative patrol routes
  • Added shooting of legs in cases when bots only see legs
  • Enemy spotting speed now depends on alertness level
  • Sniper now provides covering fire for adjacent bots
  • Chance of hearing now depends on a distance 
  • New bot zones at Shoreline



  • Data loading order
  • Shader optimization



  • About 20 exploits of using weapons and items that are not in inventory
  • Correct fall damage
  • Long-distance pushback bug
  • Part of the desync bugs
  • Part of the server join bugs
  • Part of raid completion bugs
  • Bug that allow Strength skill to get leveled by repeatedly left-clicking while throwing grenade
  • Fixed doubling of items through secure container
  • Сorrected bush movement noise
  • Incorrect raid results stats
  • Weapon modding screen blur bug when using non-native resolution
  • Fixed melee weapons hit effects
  • Fixed cash flow display in trading interface, traders list and standing levels
  • Fixed filtering out of items which are not in loot containers
  • Fixed bug caused by simultaneous door opening by two characters
  • Fixed bug that caused weapons to freeze while opening or closing doors or turning NVD on and off
  • Visual fixes of indoor lighting
  • Various minor fixes
  • Multiple fixes of collisions on locations that caused character to get stuck
  • Chest rig display using Open button now shows slots correctly.


  • To unlock loyalty levels it is now necessary to upgrade standing by performing quests
  • Amount of experience for healing
  • Adjusted ammunition damage
  • Now group player spawn close to each other
  • Loyalty levels now unlock separate tabs
  • Cash flow with the trader
  • Repair and insurance purchase now added to loyalty level
  • Character weapons now interacts with other characters as objects (character raises it)
  • If the weapon mod has slots for other mods, they can now be removed without weapon.