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  • Major quality changes of weather system
  • Character sliding on steep slopes and angled surfaces
  • Shoreline location (half of location at the moment)



  • RAM consumption optimization
  • Animation system optimization
  • Balancing changes at Customs and Factory locations


AI optimizations:

  • Bots won'tbe able to see perfectly through grass
  • Added voice phrases for different situations
  • Changed sniper firing rate depending on distance to target (shots grow rare as distance grows)
  • Bots now react to sounds of opening doors and crates
  • Player becomes more noticeable to bots when firing
  • Added bot reactions to getting hit
  • Bots can now check the bodies
    - If the body belongs to PMC character, bot can fire a security round
    - If the body is that of a Scav from the same group, he could attempt search for the killer



  • Bug with ambient sounds that could cause their disappearance
  • "Moon effect" in scope at different FoV settings
  • Bug that prevented items attached to weapon from being insured
  • Bug that made character stuck in axe swing animation
  • Bug that set character movement speed to 0 after searching some of the crates
  • Visual fixes of global chat
  • Visual fixes related to bullet flight
  • Bug that disabled time of day selection in the Offline game
  • Various interface fixes
  • Most of the inventory sync problems related to weapons
  • Bug that removed visual display of negative health effects after reconnect
  • Bug that caused character only move head in aiming mode but not weapon
  • Bug that prevented 3rd-person procedural animation of recoil from playing
  • M67 grenade weight



  • Improvements of charater movement control and physics