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Pre-order packages of Escape from Tarkov will be improved

Pre-order packages of Escape from Tarkov will be improved

BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED reported on upcoming update of pre-order packages that will be released with the nearest patch. Starting equipment and stash resources will be improved, pre-order packages description will become more detailed, but its price will remain the same. The stash size will grow on 30 slots for every pre-order version as well.

Thus, players are guaranteed to get these new stuff:

in Standard Edition:

  • +100000 roubles
  • AKS74U + 2 magazines


in Left Behind Edition - all new added stuff to Standard Edition and:

  • АК74N + 2 magazines
  • first aid kit Salewa
  • grenade RGD5
  • additional backpack (MBSS - 4x4 slots)


in Prepare for Escape Edition - all new added stuff to Left Behind Edition and Standard Edition and:

  • SMG Vityaz or HK MP5 + 2 magazines (depending on  selected faction)
  • 1000 dollars
  • Kiver helmet
  • reflex sight Pilad
  • first aid kit IFAK
  • handguard to АК74 M1-B Ultimak


in Edge of Darkness Limited Edition - all new added stuff to the previous packages and:

  • 3000 dollars
  • first aid kit Grizzly
  • Alpha tactical rig
  • additional large field backpack TriZip
  • injector with morphine х2
  • sniper rifle SV98 + 1 magazine
  • hybrid silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
  • adaptor hybrid silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
  • pistol case
  • body armor 6B43 6A
  • submachine gun MPX + 2 magazines
  • handguard M4 LVOA-S


The next important stage in the project development will start with the Open Beta, which is scheduled for launch at the end of 2017. By that time, the game will be expanded with new game mechanics and improvements of existing ones, even more optimizations of graphics and network components, as well as additional game content, including new weapons and locations.

Learn more about the project testing plans and the estimated completion time frame, and pre-order on the official website of the project https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page.

By following the official Twitter of the game, you will get the current  announcements about in-game events and scheduled maintenance works https://twitter.com/bstategames.

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