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The Emissary and Sherpa packages - available soon!

The Emissary and Sherpa packages - available soon!

We are glad to inform that Escape from Tarkov is soon to feature special packages for Emissaries and Sherpas! They are meant for helping out newbies and other players, who, for some reason or another, have lost their equipment.

Emissary or Sherpa shall regularly receive from BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED a certain amount of packages (more or fewer depending on the needs) to distribute on their own accord. For instance, a Sherpa who has recruited a group of novices can give them everything they need to clear the raid, and Emissaries could reward or aid those they deem worthy.

Thus, our game anchorfolk is getting a powerful and effective tool of interacting with other Escape from Tarkov players - first of the many to be announced later. The Emissary and Sherpa packages are not chiseled in stone once and for all - their contents may change, becoming more andvanced or befitting particular combat tasks.

You can have a look at the contents of first generation of Sherpa and Emissary packages on the screenshots below. And, as always, we would be expecting your comments - all of our ideas should pass the census of the Escape from Tarkov community opinion before appearing in the game!

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