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Preparations for the next update release

Preparations for the next update release

Today we would like to share with you some info on the progress in development of the next  Escape from Tarkov Alpha update. 

Specifically, we are currently working on the following game aspects, which will be included in the upcoming update:

  • preparing the Scav gameplay mode - polishing details and fixing bugs
  • introduction of the first batch of skills
  • modification of health, fatigue/stamina, negative effects from fractures, bleeding - bringing everything closer to a realistic behavior model
  • adding two new weapons, SIG-Sauer MPX and SKS carbine.

At this stage of development in general, we are working on:

  • step by step client and server optimization;
  • network improvement;
  • general chat rooms;
  • insurance;
  • new equipment;
  • weather system modification (advanced weather plan);
  • quests and tasks (functionality itself - the quest scenarios are ready);
  • new loot (including quest items and rewards);
  • new type of Scavs - gang leaders;
  • new locations - "Shoreline" and "Streets of Tarkov".

We’ll tell you more about these and other innovations along the way as development progresses. You’re in for a lot of new and exciting stuff!

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