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Greetings to the first EfT Emissaries!

Greetings to the first EfT Emissaries!

Dear friends! We are glad to introduce to you the first Escape from Tarkov Emissaries.

Just in case, emissary is usually defined as an agent employed by governments and special agencies to advance, in a covert manner, the interests of his employers in a foreign land or within another party; but in our project it means a user who is empowered with special rights which include regular acquisition and distribution of alpha testing keys to the most promising players, ability to communicate with developers directly and influence the game development process.

Emissary is the EfT expert, well-versed in all of the game details, capable of effectively using all publicly available and restricted information and understands the current stage of the project development. Communicates well, trustworthy, tech-savvy and a good team player. 

And so, meet the first Escape from Tarkov Emissaries!


  1. Drakkaar (Canada)
  2. Patricklatrick (France)
  3. Karolusp (Poland)
  4. Ahmedmohamed (Egypt)
  5. Wylickk (Sweden)
  6. Strange66 (USA)
  7. Kwahamot (Great Britain)
  8. Baggio (Italy)
  9. Fanboy (Italy)
  10. Hajdeo (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic)

Russian-speaking section of the forum:

  1. Damirka_EA
  2. MrGoodCat
  3. Chernobyl_52
  4. mimych
  5. a-t-o-s

Emissaries! You have the special forum section created for you, where you need to create a topic of your own as soon as you see this. In this topic you'll share your ideas with players and developers, review their suggestions, publish your announcements, tell about your plans and report on what has already been done in the way of Escape from Tarkov promotion.

Godspeed, Emissaries!

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