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New gameplay video of the Alpha version

New gameplay video of the Alpha version

BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED has presented a new video of the online game Escape From Tarkov. The action takes place in the different weather and time of day, from the perspective of a former operative of USEC, one of the two Tarkov factions.

The video contains footage from the closed alpha version of the project. The trailer protagonist moves across different locations, waging warfare against former partners from USEC and Scav marauders. The audience will be able to see the trading interfaces, weapon modding, several locations, various combat situations and weapon applications. The trailer also showcases such environmental factors as daylight time changes, lighting effects and weather conditions. The fighting takes place in varying operating conditions: long range and close quarters, open areas and cover-rich locations, in the broad daylight and at night with flashlight and NVDs.

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