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We invite you to take part in the "Beginner Tips" contest #TarkovTips

We invite you to take part in the

We invite you to take part in the "Beginner Tips" contest #TarkovTips

● Come up with an advice to Tarkov newcomers that you would give and formalize it in the format of a picture or a short video (any type that is available on social media). No restrictions on the stylistics of your work, your creativity is the main criterion;
● Contest duration: 20/11/2023 - 25/12/2023;
● The work can be made with the help of drawings, in-game screenshots\videos or IRL footage, designed in the theme of the contest;
● Post your work on social media as a post with @escapefromtarkov tag and hashtag #TarkovTips before 25/12/2023 8:59PM GMT;
● Send a link to your work to our email info@tarkov.com with the following information:
Email to which your EFT account is linked;
Link to the resource where the work was published;
A brief description of the work.

● There is no limit to the number of submissions from one author;
● The work must not contain profanity, images and themes protected by copyright of third parties;
● Works already existing online are not allowed to be submitted to the contest. By posting your work, you confirm that the authorship belongs to you;
● Works submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Each participant will receive an in-game bonus from us!

The authors of the top 3 works will receive the following prizes:
1st place - Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness Limited Edition + 300$ coupon at tarkovmerchstore.com;
2nd place - Escape from Tarkov Prepare for Escape Edition + $200 coupon at tarkovmerchstore.com;
3rd place - Escape from Tarkov Left Behind Edition + $100 coupon at tarkovmerchstore.com.

Results will be announced on 29/12/2023 by 8:59PM GMT. The entries will be judged by the Battlestate Games team.