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Tarkov Comics Contest

Tarkov Comics Contest

1st Place: Edge of Darkness Limited Edition + $300 coupon at tarkovmerchstore.com - Ansdraws https://vk.com/wall-209906139_560
2nd Place: Prepare for Escape Edition + $200 coupon at tarkovmerchstore.com - Alest https://www.bilibili.com/opus/807692518710837254
3rd Place: Left Behind Edition + $100 coupon at tarkovmerchstore.com - ПОMidorï https://vk.com/wall-179173697_1255 / https://vk.com/wall-179173697_1270

We've also decided that the authors of the following comics will receive a Standard Edition key:
Warnivea: https://twitter.com/warnivea/status/1673531765493776386
Zagrossian: https://twitter.com/zagrossian/status/1674554179468099588

As a reminder, authors of all entries will receive an in-game bonus.