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We present the Escape from Tarkov patch notes.



Reworked the player group system. The new system allows to gather your friends in a group in main menu, being able to use your stash or Hideout while the group leader sets up the raid:

  • Group members no longer need to select the raid location, game mode, and time of day. All settings are handled by the Group Leader;
  • After the group leader sets up the raid, all group members receive a raid invite;
  • You can cancel the invite if you aren’t ready yet.

In Co-op practice mode you can gather up to 20 people in the group, depending on the location.
After a raid, the group will stay with the same participants that were in it. Only exception is the Co-op practice mode with more than 5 participants, in this case only the first 5 members stay in the group.

Changed the quest reward skill calculation. Players will always receive skill levels in the amount specified in the quest.


List of fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused invisible players and bots in raids;
  • Fixed the incorrect operation of some Oculus Audio components that led to incorrect sound positioning, memory leaks, and reduced performance. This is not the final version of the fixes. Work on improving the sound system and adjusting the positioning of sounds on locations will continue in future updates;
  • Adjusted the geometrical sound positioning system on The Lab location;
  • Fixed an issue that caused the character's hands to freeze when using medicine and other consumable items;
  • Adjusted and optimized the visuals of light sources on Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed the AI behavior issue of Zryachiy and his guards that led to them not attacking hostile players at short distances;
  • Fixed the visual clipping of specific chest rigs while using Glock pistols;
  • Fixed the incorrect icons for specific weapon attachments and ammo;
  • Fixed the incorrect animation of wrist watches on BEAR character models;
  • Fixed the possibility of group members spawning in different spawn points in an online mode after playing in Co-op mode;
  • Fixed the possibility of Zryachiy still attacking players even with an activated transmitter in some cases;
  • Fixed the issue that led to Fence reputation loss for killing Zryachiy and his guards as a Scav;
  • Fixed the possibility of killing bots without them returning fire while leaning and shooting from narrow openings or hard to see covers;
  • Fixed interface elements overlapping when repeatedly switching between the character selection and lobby screens;
  • Fixed the issue that led to Error 228 while using the gym in the Hideout;
  • Fixed the incorrect airdrop positions on specific locations;
  • Fixed the issues that led to hand freezes while using underbarrel grenade launchers;
  • Adjusted the Shooting Range gunshot sounds to match the indoor firing sounds;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the currency selection UI in the Flea Market when switching to other screens;
  • Fixed the visual artifacts while using NVGs with FSR 2.1 enabled;
  • Fixed the order of chambers in the RSh-12 revolver drum;
  • Fixed an issue that led to hammer cocking animation playing on dry fire after switching from single action to double action on RSh-12 and Chiappa Rhino revolvers;
  • Fixed the missing ergonomics penalty effect of some equipment.