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New stream info

New stream info

Dear friends,

after a thourough and lengthy discussion we have decided to publicly announce the projected Escape from Tarkov stream date - it will be conducted on Wednesday, May 18  - 21:00 Moscow time.

The stream will feature a comprehensive slice of live gameplay, weapon handling and character equipping, exploration of game locations under varying time and weather conditions, and, of course, the combat part of the project.

Such a significant delay in the stream presentation, and, cosequently, of all future milestones was substantiated by the amount of care we put into fixing the existing bugs and adding new functionality. We have remade the networking end of the game, introduced the new loot interaction, dooropening mechanisms, inventory management and PvE charaters behaviourial algorithms. We have also added a bunch of new interfaces, content and character animations, conducted serious upgrade of the sound system and visual effects, including dynamic decals, weather effects and gunshot effects. We have also saturated with details the two locations for Alpha - Factory and Customs Terminal.

In the upcoming stream, we will tell you everything about it in detail - and about what we are expecting in the future.

Thank you for supporting us despite all the difficulties we were facing.