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We present the Escape from Tarkov patch notes.


List of changes:

  • Mip Streaming has been reworked and can now be enabled in the Graphics settings.
    • 2 new options were added in the Graphic settings:
      • Mip Streaming disk request limit
        The lower the value, the slower the speed of loading textures to a given quality. If the value is increased, textures will load faster, while also increasing the load on the hard drive. On slow drives, this can lead to a large queue of drive operations and the opposite effect — textures will start loading slower.
      • Buffer size
        The amount of RAM that is reserved for textures loading to a given quality. The larger the amount is, the higher the peak disk load and the faster the loading of all the necessary textures will be.
  • Optimized the network buffer to reduce network latency for other players;
  • Adjusted the Player Scav spawn system to prevent spawns in incorrect positions;
  • Changed the “task item” icon display. Now it will appear only when the item is still required for the task. If the subtask is already completed and all items are transferred, the icon will not appear;
  • Added new sounds of movement on plastic surfaces;
  • Adjusted sounds of movement on thin wood surfaces;
  • Added sounds of falling ammo casings on plastic surfaces.


List of fixes:

  • Players can now see each other in The Lab lobby screen if before that they went into raids at different time settings (daytime and nighttime);
  • Fixed VOIP button locations for the 2560x1080 resolution;
  • Fixed incorrect bot behavior when receiving damage from barbed wire;
  • Fixed the ability to get inside fire trucks on Shoreline and Lighthouse;
  • Fixed the missing sounds of Player Scav heavy breathing at low stamina;
  • Fixed the glowing foliage during rain with SSR enabled;
  • Fixed the dropping points of airdrops in places where they could collide with other objects;
  • Fixed the interaction radius of the WARTECH TV-109 + TV-106 chest rig laying on the ground;
  • Fixed the phrase settings resetting after changing other settings;
  • Fixed the ability to transfer items to the Scav inventory in the after raid screen;
  • Fixed the localization of the “item is not found in stash” error when trying to use it for a barter on the Flea Market;
  • Fixed incorrect display of the special slots icon at low resolutions;
  • Fixed the ability to stand up under trailers, wagons, trucks when there is no space for it;
  • Fixed the incorrect 3rd person stationary jump animation when the character is overweight;
  • Fixed camera stutters when moving in a zigzag;
  • Fixed the speed of going prone after getting rid of the overweight status;
  • Fixed the incorrect jump animation during sprint;
  • Fixed forced launch of the game on the secondary monitor;
  • Fixed the ability to insure RSP flares;
  • Fixed the ability to change the Benelli M3 fire mode when the weapon is on bolt catch;
  • Fixed incorrect player movement speed while crouching;
  • Fixed player movement animations while doing side-steps and moving in opposite directions while crouching;
  • Fixed an issue that led to inability to interact with airdrops in some cases;
  • Fixed the display of the task item icon on the Player Scav item transfer screen;
  • Removed the incorrect voice lines for English BEAR PMC voices;
  • Fixed an issue that led to signal pistol cartridges and RSP flares teleporting in some cases;
  • Fixed the speed of leaning animation while using Q/E leans during slow Alt+A/Alt+D leans;
  • Fixed the Rogue bosses' behavior for finding cover in buildings on Customs;
  • Fixed the display of item names in the inspector in Japanese and Korean localizations;
  • Fixed an issue that led to significantly reduced FPS on nighttime Factory;
  • Fixed an incorrect animation that led to the ability to go prone while jumping.