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We have installed an update containing several fixes and changes.



  • Decreased possible performance drops on the Flea Market, presets, handbook, stash, skills, and tasks screens;
  • Various client optimizations.


List of changes:

  • Now, when transferring a container needed to complete a task/craft/zone construction in the Hideout, you can only hand over an empty container. When trying to transfer a non-empty container, you will receive a notification saying “You can't hand over a container with items inside”;
  • Changed the conditions under which Scav bots took a prone position when engaging a player;
  • Added new sounds for SCAR-L, different from SCAR-H.


List of fixes:

  • Fixed an issue due to which shotguns were not dealing damage;
  • Fixed an issue causing infinite loading into a raid as a Scav;
  • Bots can phrase about other Scavs’ dead bodies again;
  • Fixed the possibility of rain appearing indoors;
  • Added missing sounds in third person for characters falling from a height/ledge;
  • Scavs no longer slide in place when changing position;
  • Bots no longer walk through the train on the Lighthouse location;
  • Bots now equip found weapons on their back instead of putting them in the backpack;
  • Keys listed on Flea Market now display durability again;
  • Spamming the Caps Lock key while moving no longer lets you move almost silently without a significant slowdown;
  • Player uphill movement now looks smooth again in third person;
  • Fixed the ability to become invisible while using an AGS grenade launcher as a Scav;
  • Fixed the ability to look through the bunker walls on the Reserve location;
  • SJ6 TGLabs stimulant now correctly increases maximum stamina again.