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We have installed an update containing several technical fixes and changes.



  • Various client optimizations.


List of changes:

  • Added new voice lines for playable Scavs, similar to the “Help”, “Command”, “Health Status”, “Reaction”, “Contact”, “Enemy”, and “Team Status” lines for PMCs;
  • VOIP is now enabled by default for all new players.


List of fixes:

  • Fixed some cases of grass glowing during rain;
  • Quick-pressing the sprint key will no longer increase player’s walking speed;
  • Temporary bans at the Flea Market now correctly reset over time, without the need to restart the game;
  • Fixed the incorrect bitcoin farming time display with the generator turned off after restarting the game;
  • Fixed several issues leading to bots getting stuck;
  • Fixed incorrect ergonomics indication of the M1A rifle while in the inspect menu;
  • Fixed the supply crate flare sound issue with disabled sounds;
  • Fixed an issue with Raiders not spawning after activating specific extracts on Reserve.