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We have installed an update containing several bug fixes and changes. 



  • Various client optimizations.


List of fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect grenade explosion sound when throwing it from indoors to outdoors;
  • Tactical fleece beanie no longer cancels the deafening effect from Tagilla’s welding masks;
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to cancel loading into an offline raid when loading a map;
  • Fixed incorrect display of Shturman’s wound traces;
  • Fixed incorrect weapon shadows with an equipped flashlight;
  • Fixed an issue causing flashlights to go through obstacles;
  • Fixed an ability to check the chamber of stationary weapons;
  • Fixed an issue of incorrect character description localization on the character selection screen after changing language;
  • Fixed an issue with presets used on weapons that can't be listed for sale on the Flea Market;
  • Raiders will no longer inspect their weapons while on patrol;
  • Player name now hides correctly on the Scav item turn-in screen with Streamer Mode enabled;
  • The reload of a weapon with an internal magazine now cancels correctly after exiting the Shooting Range in the Hideout;
  • The Wish-List tab on Flea Market now collapses correctly after using the filter by item search;
  • Fixed an issue of the cursor not disappearing when switching into first-person mode in the Hideout.


Fixed several animations while interacting with weapons:

  • Colt M1911, Colt M45A1 - fixed incorrect trigger behavior while fixing malfunctions;
  • TT-33, Golden TT-33 - fixed incorrect trigger behavior while trying to shoot during malfunction fixing animation;
  • HK MP7A2 - fixed incorrect visuals of the left hand during malfunctions with an equipped vertical foregrip;
  • Saiga-12k - fixed clipping of the right hand while fixing malfunctions and during the jammed bolt animation;
  • Kel-Tec RFB - fixed floating cartridge during the failure to feed malfunction while having two rounds in the magazine.