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Escape from Tarkov preorders discount has started!

Escape from Tarkov preorders discount has started!

Save 25% on all Escape from Tarkov pre-order packages or upgrades, and also on official merchandise from our store!

Standard Edition - 25% off
Left Behind Edition - 25% off
Prepare for Escape Edition - 25% off
Edge of Darkness Limited Edition - 25% off

The discounts start at: November 25 21:01 GMT
The discounts end at: November 27 20:59 GMT.

To get a discount on official merchandise, enter the code TARKOVBLACKFRIDAY in the "COUPON" field on the Checkout page. The discount for purchasing multiple Escape from Tarkov pre-orders doesn't stack with the current discount.

2 packages - 10% off
3 packages - 15% off
4 packages - 20% off

Treat yourself and your friends!