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NVIDIA Reflex: Available Today

NVIDIA Reflex: Available Today

Get ready for escape with NVIDIA Reflex.

In competitive first-person shooters, higher FPS and refresh rates (Hz) reduce system latency, improving the speed in which your inputs are displayed on screen. Powerful GPUs, high refresh displays, and tuned game settings can help players elevate their game to all-new levels.

To improve your performance in Escape From Tarkov, we present NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Mode, a free update for players with a GeForce GTX 900 Series or newer GPU that reduces system latency. Acquire targets faster, react quicker, and increase aim precision simply by enabling NVIDIA Reflex in the game’s settings.

To activate NVIDIA Reflex in Escape From Tarkov, download and install the latest Game Ready Driver and the newest Escape From Tarkov game update, head to the options menu in the game, select Graphics, and enable NVIDIA Reflex. Instantly, system latency will be reduced by up to 38%, greatly improving responsiveness:

Escape From Tarkov also includes the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Flash Indicator, so if you’re sporting a Reflex Latency Analyzer-compatible monitor and have GeForce Experience installed, enable the flash indicator in-game and position your monitoring rectangle over the indicator location to get accurate system latency results every time.