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Twitch Rivals North America | May 2021

Twitch Rivals North America | May 2021

The Twitch Rivals international event among North American contestants starts on May 18th, 2021. Similar to European tournament, the event will be held in 2 stages on private servers, with 24 teams consisting of 3 players each. The overall prize pool is $30000.

You can watch the tournament scoreboard live on www.escapefromtarkov.com/rivals2021 website. All the participants will have Drops enabled on their Twitch channels. To earn Drops rewards, viewers need to have an active copy of the game and link their Twitch account to their game profile on the Escape from Tarkov website. You can do this here.

NOTE: The earned Drops will only be available to claim for 7 days! Don't forget to collect them in-game!

The main tournament broadcasts will be live on:

The viewers can also earn Drops on the channels listed above –  the new exclusive Twitch Rivals in-game items. The event starts at 9pm BST.

Enjoy the show!


Tournament description

1. The first qualifying stage «Achievement Hunt» is when the teams have to complete as many tasks as possible from the possible 16 on the Reserve map. The 16 teams that show the best result in 4 rounds will go to the next tournament stage.

Kill a PMC from 100+ meters away with a headshot

Only enemy PMCs are counted.

Killstreak 5 Scavs in one raid (by one player)

Collect 20 PMC dogtags in total (by one player)

Only enemy PMCs are counted. The items have to be found in raid.

Kill a PMC with a melee weapon

Only enemy PMCs are counted.

Heal 400 combat damage in one raid (by one player)

Damage dealt by teammates does not count.

Kill Glukhar – [DROP]

The kill is counted for the player who made the last hit.

Kill 5 raiders in total (by one player)

Kill 3 enemies in one raid with AGS or NSV “Utyos” – [DROP]

Any enemy counts: PMCs, Scavs, Raiders, Boss, Boss guards.

Drink a bottle of vodka, kill a PMC and extract from the raid (by one player)

All 3 actions have to be performed in one raid.

Killstreak 3 PMCs in one raid (by one player)

Find an ASh-12 assault rifle and extract from the raid with it

The item has to be found in raid.

Kill 6 Glukhar guards in total (by one player)

Extract via the armored train with “Survived” status (at least one team member)

Become the last PMC survivor on the map and extract

You or your team member have to become the last surviving player on the map and extract with “Survived” status.

Eliminate the full enemy team (3 players) and extract from the raid with “Survived” status (by one player) – [DROP]

The player who eliminated the team has to survive and extract.

Kill a PMC while being dehydrated

The viewers can earn Drops for the tasks marked with the corresponding icon and only when the team they are watching completes the said tasks. Only 1 Drop can be earned per task.


2. The second stage “Play-off” is when the 16 winner teams from the previous stage get divided into two divisions with groups of 4 teams. The final team rating will be shown after 10 rounds, each segment is held for its selected map: Customs, Woods, Interchange, Shoreline, Reserve.


The two best teams from the round get into the next round. The task for the teams each round is to gain as much points as they can for specific actions with group placement criterias, priority from top to bottom:

  • Extract with tank batteries (There are 3 of them in each round in specific places on the map) - 10 points for each battery
  • Kill an enemy PMC - 7 points
  • Kill a Scav Boss - 5 points
  • Extract with a found in raid PMC dogtag - 3 points
  • Kill 1 Scav Boss Guard - 1 point
  • Kill 1 Scav or a Raider - 1 point
  • Extract with found in raid loot (by one player) - point for each 20 000 rub. of the total items cost


The viewers can earn Drops only if the team they are currently watching does this:

  • Extract from the raid with 2 or more tank batteries (out of the 3 available on the map)
  • Kill any Scav Boss