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New ETS features

New ETS features

Dear friends!

Thank you for taking an active part in testing on ETS, it means a lot to all of us!

We continue to invite people to test servers, and maybe you've already received access to the "Early Test Server". If you've applied, check the launcher for access.

For ETS players in order to test and convenience have been lowered the prices of dealers, boosted some of the parameters and reputation. Do not forget to take part in important surveys in the ETS Launcher.

Recently we've been actively introducing innovations on ETS, such as netcode - this is a great opportunity to test them. We look forward to your feedback and bug reports! Instructions on how to properly submit a bug report can be found here.

Recall that in order to participate in the test on the ETS, you must apply for registration through a special form in the game launcher (tab "ETS"). To participate you will also need an active copy of the game #EscapefromTarkov.

Read more about Early Test Server.