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Summer discounts for Escape from Tarkov

Summer discounts for Escape from Tarkov

The discounts for all types of pre-order packages and package upgrades will be available on the Escape from Tarkov project official website starting August 3 till August 5, 2019.

Standard edition - 15% off
Left behind edition - 15% off
Prepare for Escape edition - 15% off
Edge of Darkness limited edition - 20% off

Upgrades for all pre-order packages - 15% off

Discounts will start on August 3 at 00:01 Moscow time and will last till August 5 23:59 Moscow time.

We also would like to remind you about permanent discounts on the purchase of multiple pre-order packages. These discounts will not sum up with summer discounts.

2 packages - 10% off
3 packages - 15% off
4 packages - 20% off