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RAID: Released 1 episode of the film series about the Tarkov universe

RAID: Released 1 episode of the film series about the Tarkov universe

Battlestate Games announces the premiere of the first episode of the film series “RAID” based on the multiplayer online-FPS Escape from Tarkov. In the film adaptation by Director Anton Rosenberg, the audience opens the world of the game and the armed conflict that occurred in the Norvinsk region, a special economic zone on the border between Russia and Europe. The main operating parties are two private military companies – USEC and BEAR, commencing fierce battles, including the fights with the remaining gangs in the city called "Scavs". The protagonist is in the occupied city of Tarkov, the exits of which are blocked by UN peacekeepers and Russian military troops.

The announcement of the first series took place through the 48-hour interactive broadcast on the official twitch-channel of the Studio, which gathered thousands of spectators and players, gave rise to a lot of puzzles and memes. The live broadcast showed the image from the surveillance camera at one of the central checkpoints in the port area of Tarkov, which is controlled by a well-known trader from the game world - Peacemaker named Tadeusz Pilsudski. By nationality, a polish, Tadeusz -is a supply officer from the UN contingent, the life of whom was being watched by spectators from all over the world. You can watch the full recording of the broadcast here.

All the main events of the stream, collected by users during the broadcast, can be found here.


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