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Dear Escapers!

The installation of the patch has begun.

Installation will take from 30 to 60 minutes, at this time the game will not be available.

You can see the list of changes below.



  • Notification when placing the overpriced offer at the flea market
  • Notification when placing the low price offer at the flea market 
  • Notification when placing the offer as a pack



  • Several freezes fixes related to shooting
  • Various bug fixes, which led to some of the freezes



  • The Lab optimization fixes, related to problems with objects culling
  • Fixed elevators on the lab, now bots can't shoot through it
  • The penetration of the breakable glass and fences
  • Fixed tracer visually flying through impenetrable surfaces
  • Fixed bug with displaying all weapons on the Mechanic's trade screen
  • Quest "Bullshit", now you do not need to place the items in a special order
  • Animation bug with gestures, which played the same animation for all the gestures
  • Bug with resetting the price range, if it is set to "any" currency
  • Various visual and gameplay fixes in the Laboratory
  • Fixed the Bug with display the time when you exit through the toll exfil at Customs
  • RPK16 is now correctly placed in the category of mastering “LMGs”
  • Fixed an issue with displaying weapons in flea market when bartering
  • Quest "Supply plans", fixed the text display in the quest title
  • Fixed the problem with updating the number of available offers on the flea market
  • Fixed the problem with selling a container with a tag on a Flea Market
  • Various minor fixes in a Flea Market
  • Fixed various server errors, resulting in some of the network problems/performance


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